Breakable Weapons Could Have Made Dead Space 3 A Better Game

Dead Space 3 is considered the worst in its series, but weapons that degrade and break down could have heightened tension for a better horror experience.

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2pacalypsenow332d ago

No thanks, that ruined BOTW for me.

sprinterboy332d ago

Totally agree, although maybe a unlock after completing the game would have been cool? We have game + how about game - lol, taking weapons out the game or breaking them?

ziggurcat332d ago

What could have made it a better game was if they didn't turn it into an action shooter, and kept it as it was in the first two. The first Dead Space is still amongst my most favourite games of that generation.

sprinterboy332d ago

Never did finish 3 (almost did) for that reason but 1&2 were great.

ziggurcat332d ago

I barely touched 3. I can't even tell you where I left it off, but it wasn't very far.

isarai332d ago

So you want me to go through all the trouble of figuring out which parts are good and crafting a good gun, only for it to break? Sounds like it would make it worse not better

xander70769332d ago

Yeah honestly. The weapon crafting was one of the only things I actually liked about 3. I wish we could've had it in 1 and 2. IMO the weapons were not the problem with 3.

Sciurus_vulgaris332d ago

Deadspace 3 when ignoring it other flaws, in my opinion would have benefited from weaker weapons and more ammo management.

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The story is too old to be commented.