DriveClub Still Available on US PlayStation Store Days After Delisting Deadline

It’s fair to say Sony has handled the delisting of DriveClub from the PlayStation Store about as well as the game's servers handled launch day. The platform holder set a date of 31st August 2019 for the removal of the unfortunate racing game from the PS4's digital storefront. However, it was delisted early in several territories, much to the ire of those planning a last minute purchase.
Fast forward to today, and DriveClub is still available to buy on the North American PS Store, nearly a week after the supposed delisting date. If you look for the game, you'll find that it's still up for grabs, including all its expansions and other DLC. It's quite the kick in the teeth to fans in other regions, but we suppose it's good for those in the States who want to grab the title before it's gone.

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Yi-Long1188d ago

Pretty much my favorite game this gen. Knows exactly what it is and wants to be, and does that very very well. Anyone who hasn't picked it up yet, is missing out on something special.

KickSpinFilter1188d ago

I've been playing racing games since PolePosition this is by far my favorite race game of all time.
(After server and updates of course)

Yi-Long1188d ago

I'm not sure I'd call it my favourite of ALL TIME, cause I was also really into Metropolis Street Racer on Dreamcast (groundbreaking at the time), the PGR games on Xbox, and Rallisport Challenge 2, but they all pretty much fall in the same category between realistic and arcade, so they're easy to pick up and play, yet challenging (in a good and fair way) to really get good and progress, meaning you feel in control, and you feel yourself getting better and better each time you play, and that gives you a genuine sense of achievement.

Of course, this being a current gen game, it's objectively better than those games before it, simply because it built on those foundations, and it just looks and sounds amazing, and it's so much fun. The track-design is also unbelievable, meaning you can play the same tracks over and over and over again, and for me, they never grew stale. Dynamic weather and lighting also helps with keeping it fresh, of course.

KickSpinFilter1187d ago

Metropolis Street Racer and PGR were both great games but with DriveClub the Arcade-Sim
and not the Sim-Arcade, Sim or Arcade made DC pretty unique. Just love the look, feel, and the steep learning cure with driving in DC with the drifting.

bluefox7551188d ago

A shame we'll never see a sequel.