It’s the End of the Road for Driveclub

So it goes that one of the PS4’s heavy hitters – a stunning racer revealed alongside the system itself – goes out with a whimper. Soon all that will be left are a few unattainable trophies and memories.

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Jin_Sakai1195d ago

Really wish we could’ve got a PS4 Pro parch or even Driveclub 2 on PS5. It was a less serious and fun racing game which I really enjoyed.

WiiU-Dude1195d ago

It pisses me off seriously. I don't care how this sounds. I would love to beat the living daylights out of whoever is responsible for axing this game. It truly truly pisses me off.

Wulfer1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

It's Sony's policy to discontinue games after a period of time especially if there online games. MS doesn't do this and I don't think Nintendo has tried to do it. You pay for PSN but, Sony never changed this policy!

Kumakai1195d ago

Violence is never the answer for a video game being shuttered. It was dead. Nobody was playing it. If you wanna beat someone over that, you need therapy.

Terry_B1195d ago

ARE YOU OKAY?!???????!!

PETE19851195d ago

@WiiU-Dube, @Kumakai
It's unbelievable that the person who claims that he would resort to physical violence gets more likes and less disagrees than the one who states violence is not the answer.
Really says quite a lot about the caliber of people who take the time to leave feedback / comments on this site.

TK-661195d ago


You'll never find me.

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travestyj1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )


Good luck playing Project Spark and Xbox fitness on Xbox.

froy4021194d ago

Sometimes i believe this site is made up of mostly immature teenagers or young adults who don't know how life works and have no life experience outside of moms house... just a thought... .. .

WiiU-Dude1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Calm yourselves. Hyperbole. (Clearly I hadn't taken my meds yet...again jk) Yet it does piss me off. It is incredibly frustrating being powerless to stop a move such as this. It was the most gorgeous racing experience ever and poof gone. Sad.
While I'm glad to be able to still play it, I would have loved more tracks, a PS5 version, but no. Sigh.

RosweeSon1194d ago

It does suck but to be fair EA turn FIFA’s off in about 3 years 4 max. Drive club done 7 years now and doubt it made a fraction of what fifa does each year.

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rainslacker1195d ago

Yeah. Game is still really good. It's disappointing that they're closing the servers. Game is still playable, and I've long abandoned trying to care about the challenges that were in the SP content, so at least the game is still playable. But I keep thinking how when I play it I'm going to feel regret that I never tried to get those trophies that required the servers, so I can't get the plat.

DriveClub VR is awesome, and the first time where I really felt like I was driving the car, because I can actually tell where the car is on the track, and in relation to other cars or corners, which makes the AI less annoying since I don't screw up as much. Bikes is a lot of fun, especially on the narrower tracks when compared to driving cars on it. And the base game still has some great track design.

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badz1491195d ago

I've played the game religiously for over a year after its launch and got the Platinum for both the base game and the Bike expansions and 100% all the DLCs. it's the game that cemented my interest in racing games. I am playing GT Sports now but DC will always be special to me.

MajorLazer1194d ago

Driveclub is still unmatched in certain aspects. Imagine a PS5 version

badz1491194d ago


we don't have to imagine, right? isn't the PS5 BC to all PS4 games?

MajorLazer1194d ago

Sorry, I meant imagine they made another Driveclub just for the PS5. The weather effects alone would be 🤯

Yi-Long1195d ago

Probably my favourite game this gen, and very disappointed about how Sony has treated this game and the studio behind it ...

Forn1195d ago

Unfortunately Evolution had been bleeding money for too long. I don't blame Sony for what they felt they needed to do, even though it sucks.

NeoGamer2321195d ago

I don't think this is all Sony's fault. The game shipped a year late. When it arrived the online component was completely broken for the first month. You can't blame the publisher for that. Simply put, evolution did not deliver.

glennhkboy1195d ago

At that time, it was up against the BEST Xbox one game of all time, Forza Horizon 3.

NeoGamer2321195d ago

Las time I checked Forza Horizon 3 did not ship on PS4 and DriveClub did not ship on XBO. You can't compete if you aren't on the same platforms. And the only reason they shipped at similar timeframes was Evolution's inability to get the game ready for its original launch a year earlier.

sampsonon1195d ago

yeah, no. it was going up against a name brand at the height of the console war.
add the shiit launch and it failed.

Driveclub was the better game because it actually looked next gen and the driving was intense.

just bad luck.

rainslacker1195d ago

While I do agree it sucks that Evolution got closed, one has to look at how Sony was financially at the time they closed the studio. They were trimming a lot of costs, and selling off assets. Their rating was being downgraded, and for the time, they were having to show they could operate more efficiently in order to bring that rating back up, and restore investor confidence. They had too many burdens on the company, and while the gaming division was doing alright, and looked bright due to the success of the PS4 early on, they still had to cut everything they could.

It was purely a business decision, and at the time, the studio wasn't performing in terms of revenue. What was supposed to be a big game for Sony, one that likely they didn't release GT6 on PS4 because they wanted it to have it's spotlight, ended up DOA, and heavily discounted almost right away. Turned out to be a great game once they got the online working, and even the offline content was good at launch, and it got really good after the first big patch which added weather, but it wasn't the huge success they were really wanting.

Evolution was a victim of circumstance, and it does suck. But any business facing similar cuts to their operations would have probably made the same decision.

sampsonon1195d ago

Sony had to give away all the DLC. It was not their fault.
shit happens, even though i would have loved the game to succeed.

jukins1195d ago

Sony treated them good. They allowed them an extra year of development, had a horrendous launch, the psplus version was delayed and still allowed them to create extra content and work on vr

monkey6021194d ago

Driveclub will go down as one of my favourites this gen too.
I'll admit I'm not huge into racing games but Driveclub hooked me like no racer has. Prior to that my favourite racing game was Motorstorm which also happened to be Evolution studios so I was devastated with the closure. Add in the Bikes for DC and that just topped it all for me. Glad I have the Plat in both now before its end.

DC Vr made me physically sick though

Forza Horizon 3 is my next favourite and I've heard Grid works as a the next best DC alternative so i might pick that up soon

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SolidGamerX1195d ago

Never got into the whole club aspect of the game just enjoyed the single player experience immensely, the cars were amazing the bikes were amazing and the graphics are still on a level that hasn't been touched. Fond memories for sure.

Tekken666341195d ago

I still prefer the trade-off for larger destructible environments.
hopefully the next gen will add more to this and at 60fps.

rainslacker1195d ago

I was in a club, but no one ever did much in it. Just some people that joined, probably to get the related trophies. Been in the same club since near the beginning, and when I play from time to time, most people are just those that joined back then, and eventually stopped playing.

I suppose it might have been better if I joined a more active club, but I didn't really care about any of that in the first place.

IRetrouk1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

From what I remember it only really unlocked a couple cars for you to use, a d some finals skins for your car, cant remember any more benefits to it to be honest.
It's a shame its gotta close, but I understand why, more than got my money's worth though, still sad.

rainslacker1195d ago

Wasn't really much to be honest. I think with an active club it may have been more fun when it comes to challenges, as it does add in club level challenges. The people in my club were never really active after a while, and we weren't social with one another. Think past the initial invite, I never had any communication with any of them outside a random challenge sent once in a while.

Knushwood Butt1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I was (still am technically) in a club and it was quite active thanks to about 4 of us. A couple of others didn't contribute much. I remember doing a lot of drift challenges, and religiously going back if my top score was beaten. It got really tense when the deadline for the challenge was near. Good times.

IRetrouk1195d ago

Im still in my original club, like you, never spoke to one of them lol, Yeah I'm probably going to miss the on track challenges the most, kept the races entertaining and competitive, was a great idea.

monkey6021194d ago

The Club challenges were a huge part of the drive to play the game for me. I loved logging in and beating friends times and challenges. Even their corners, Drifts, speed traps.

I still played it up to now so I'm really going to miss it

rainslacker1194d ago

I know early on some of the club challenges, like complete a certain number of races in a time frame, were pretty good. I did incentivize me a bit I suppose. But after the rest of the crew I was in wasn't playing much, and never at the same time as me, I stopped caring. But I stopped caring about a lot of the challenges within the game. I left them on to get the extra fame, but I'm not that fussed if they aren't there. The driving experience alone is enough for me, especially in the VR version of the game.

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Toiletsteak1194d ago

So you only played the Drive part.

SolidGamerX1194d ago

Mainly the Drive not so much the Club.

Orionsangel1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

No racing game has yet matched the look and feel of the weather in Driveclub, but maybe this next gen they will.

mandingo1195d ago

Well, at 30 FPS closed circuit that’s what you can achieve

badz1491195d ago


I don't remember Sony has the license on 30fps closed-circuit racer genre and nobody else is doing this. anybody is allowed to try but to be able to hold that graphic crown for the whole gen is truly something.

SolidGamerX1195d ago

Who cares how it was achieved the fact is it was achieved and it looked incredible.

Orionsangel1195d ago

The human eye can only see at 24 fps. You'll be fine.

mandingo1194d ago

Why would forza drop to 30fps just to enhance weather? Why would Forza horizon take away open world for weather effects. Those games already have great weather. Not drive club weather but they run better and play better and that’s why they aren’t shut down. If forza or project cars or any other racer wanted to achieve those weather effects they most certainly could at the risk of dumbing down their product overalll.

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lifeisgamesok1194d ago

Yes. Driveclub still has the crown visually