Video Game Music Spotlight #9: Best of the NES

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: "On August 14, 1995, exactly 24 years ago to the day, the original NES was discontinued in the west, bringing an end to an almost ten year period of dominance for the 8-bit console in North America. Over that period of time we saw the birth of some of the most beloved video game franchises ever, many of which are still going strong today, ensuring a legacy for the console that stands near unrivalled in the industry.

Of course, a significant part of that enduring legacy is the music from those games, composed by many of the most talented composers to ever work on video games. For many people it was the NES that introduced them to exceptionally talented composers such as Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu, David Wise, Koichi Sugiyama, and many others. What follows are just some of the countless amazing themes the NES gave us over its lifespan, some of which might be completely new to many of you."

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