What Happened to Ninja Gaiden?

Ninja Gaiden is a classic franchise that originated on the NES. It was successfully remastered in the mid-2000s but then faded away. What happened?

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lucian229192d ago

Yup; it needs a revamp anyway; combat was good but story was a mess; and for some reason they made Ryu hideous; he was fine in DOA2-3, i'm not sure why they made him look like an older generic plastic man.

shadowfax33191d ago

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

zarbor191d ago

Clearly someone has not played Ninja Gaiden. Otherwise this comment wouldn't exist.

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0hMyGandhi192d ago

Ninja Gaiden on the SNES had such amazing music, and the gameplay was absolutely brutal but perfect. I also remember all the hype surrounding Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox, and that became one of my biggest reasons for buying one. Ninja Gaiden was the demon/dark souls game that I and so many others grew up playing, and just like those games, there were no excuses for dying because the core mechanics were rock solid.

strayanalog192d ago

The birds finally got him.

Godmars290192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

To use an ancient phrase: "it got woke."

No, seriously. A game intended for action nerds who do energy drinks trough I-Vs and habitually watch ninja movies, someone thought it was a good idea to include enemies including psycho killer mercs, murderous mutants and literal feed on human suffering demons, wage slave security guards who only beg and plead for their lives when cornered. With no option not to kill them.

There was also that lame climbing mechanic...

tbagmonster192d ago

and the horde fighting sections where horrible as well

Concertoine191d ago

Not seeing how this constitutes “going woke”

Godmars290191d ago

Trying to make you the player regretful for killing a character who doesn't want to die, is obviously an innocent, while giving you no option but to kill them. To sour you against violent games while playing one.

ChubbyBlade191d ago

lol “woke”

I guess that just means “me no likey”

0hMyGandhi190d ago

"To sour you against violent games while playing one."

...That has almost nothing to do with "being woke".

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The story is too old to be commented.