The Best NES Games Under $8, $10, and $12

Despite skyrocketing retro game prices the NES remains a deep trove of excellent games that, if you can avoid eBay sellers, are really quite affordable for new collectors.

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Jiub383d ago

At that price, I'm gonna go get TMNT and suck at it all over again

deleted383d ago

That electric seaweed is calling my name!

Longie_long383d ago

The sound when you touch it... I hear it in my dreams.

ZeekQuattro383d ago

I remember one of the levels in Retro City Rampage was paying homage to those seaweed segments. Not quite as hard but man did it bring back bad memories of my many deaths on that level. Never did beat that game without the Game Genie. Same with Battletoads. lol

SyntheticForm383d ago

The top-down view theme music was stuck in my head all day as a kid.

I'm not sure if I ever completed a no-damage seaweed run.

scoltar383d ago

Double Dragon 2 is one of the best!! Several good games on this list! Shadowgate, P.O.W., and Klax. That is actually a super fun puzzle game! TMNT, I think every time after the seaweed, I only had like 1 Turtle left. lol

camel_toad383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

Shadowgate was how I got so familiar with Nintendo's helpline lol. But man did I love that game.

And wow I forgot all about P.O.W. until you mentioned it. Man being a kid with a NES really was the good ol days.

Best birthday ever: 15 and I got a Super Nintendo with Super Mario World, Pilot Wings and Street Fighter. (Spoiled rotten) And I saw Basic Instinct at the theater!