The NES had Some Pretty Good Shmups

Despite hardware limitations, intrepid NES developers were able to make a massive variety of epic shoot-em-ups with gobs of enemies loosing salvoes of missiles and bullets at a hero and—magically—the system handled it all like a champ. Shmups on the NES rarely even experience any slowdown. Amazing!

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darthv72399d ago

tiger heli is still one of my favorites.

P_Bomb399d ago

Memories of Life Force!

jznrpg399d ago

I played that one a LOT

specialguest399d ago

Yes! That game brings back childhood memories. I didn't have an NES at that time, but a kid who lived at the same apartment complex did and he was pretty stingy with his video games. On a good day he would let me play some of his NES games at his place and Life Force was one I enjoyed playing. My brother and I had an Atari 7800 then a TG16 shortly after

XbladeTeddy399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Gun.Smoke was what I always played. Became too much at times with all the enemies and things flying at you from every direction, fun game though.

Einhander1971399d ago

Crisis force, Gradius 2, over horizon, the three best shooters on the NES for me personally.

BrainSyphoned399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Jackal and Guerilla War

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