Deus Ex 3 in High Resolution

Here's more higher resolution images from the upcoming Deus Ex 3, offering not only a better look at what was previously seen blurred and out of focus, but at the same time introducing a handful of new locations (from sewers and cyber-renaissance interiors to city streets), some models and few of the weapons.

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Th3 Chr0nic3658d ago

this is for the 3rd game?? i didnt even know they made a 2nd.

looks good but very very unpolished. and is that cellshading or crap shading?

Dark General3658d ago

They're concept drawings. It's just to give you a rough idea of how the environments will look and how they're planning the overall look of the game.

@Nitrowolf: Nope there was never a movie for Dues Ex.

Pebz3658d ago

Deus Ex 2 was called Deus Ex: Invisible War. You probably never heard of it because it really didn't turn out to be a worthy sequel.

Dunno about those pictures, but graphics will probably the least of worries when it comes to a good deus ex sequel.

Nitrowolf23658d ago

wasnt there a movie?
or am i mistaken?

LewisDenby3627d ago

Images removed from the website, as they were seemingly nicked from another source. Oops!