F-Zero: Why We’ll Never Get a Sequel

After years of silence regarding a new F-Zero, it might be time to consider this franchise dead.

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FallenAngel198410d ago

I considered this franchise dead since the Wii era. It’s only kept relavancy because Captain Falcon is a SSB mainstay

strayanalog10d ago

More like hiatus. The franchise certainly has gaps in its console releases, so until someone from Nintendo comes forward and says the IP is dead, it's not.

Knushwood Butt10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

1. Nintendo is too tight to fund something from the ground up. If they did work on it, it would probably be based on the MK8 engine, and what's the point?
2. Characters. This series doesn't feature Mario or whoever, so it's a hard sell with limited potential for cashing in on Amiibos etc.
3. Why bother, when they can just sell a Wii U port for $60 ?

EddieNX 10d ago

Fzero GX remake/remaster with added online and quality of life Improvements.

The gameplay on that game still holds up amazingly well.

They must do this!!!