Is the F-Zero Franchise Worth Resurrecting?

F-Zero is one of those cult classic franchises that seems to be on the back of gamers’ minds often. When it first launched on the SNES back in 1990, there was nothing else like it in the gaming world. The game was fast, colorful, and provided many unique mechanics to separate itself from all of the other racers on the market at the time. However, we haven't seen a new entry since 2004. Jason Capp has some thoughts on the subject.

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darthv72223d ago

I'd say yes, but Nintendo does have another anti-grav racer in the 'fast racing' series. Its not the same but it tides me over until they can make a full on FZero reboot.

OhReginald223d ago

Yes if nintendo finds a passionate team to do it justice like metroid dread.

darthv72223d ago

I was thinking Shin'en would be a good choice as they already know how to make a fast and fun racer.

staticall223d ago

If Bubsy worth remastering, then F-Zero worth resurrecting for sure.

RaiderNation223d ago

Nintendo should've just allowed Fast RMX to be the new F Zero. Those guys made a banger of game! All it's missing is the F Zero name.

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