Is it finally safe to admit that “DMC: Devil May Cry” is a good game?

With Capcom's Devil May Cry 5 right around the corner, is it finally safe to admit that Ninja Theory's DMC: Devil May Cry reboot was good?

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PaleMoonDeath934d ago

It was great man, just felt like a step back with the characters and it was a bit easy, music wasn't as tight as the earlier games, but gameplay was smooth.. won't miss it, won't hate it either, decent attempt.

skydragoonityx934d ago

DMC was trash. Devil may cry 5 on the other hand is gold. Cant go wrong with classic Dante

MoshA934d ago

So happy DMC got higher ratings than the garbage that were all the older ones. Apart from the first one, what a great game that went on to inspire successors like Bayonetta and God of War.

AnthonyDavis933d ago

I know DmC is better than Bayonetta 2. That’s all I know.

jivah934d ago

Any dev that would be as arrogant as to put his face on a character that's pretty iconic such as Dante for a reboot... Yea no. I'm not playing you cynical trash.

annoyedgamer933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

The original character in Quantom Break was Cevat Yerli I suspect.

Flewid638933d ago

Edgy, but playing games that are good regardless is more entertaining. lol.

fei-hung934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

It wasn't a great game. It had boring far too easy linear platforming sections, combat felt way too easy and the story and dialogue was cliché and bad.

The only thing it had going for itself was the use of neon and some decent boss designs. The crazy thing that reviewers forgot to mention was that the best bosses in the game were ripped off straight from Suda51 games like Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned, so u can't really give them credit for that.

It wasnt broken, it wasn't ugly, but it was a far cry from the series best games.

CloudStrife900934d ago

It's always been a good game. It just felt out of place.

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-Foxtrot934d ago

Oh come was shit

Look at DMC 5 and see how awesome it looks then look at dmc, you can see the difference straight away. DMC 5 looks like it's pushing the series forward and living up to past DMC games while dmc was a step back in every single way.

Mystogan934d ago

DMC 5 is the new game. It's supposed to look and be better.

-Foxtrot934d ago

At one time dmc was the new game and it was worse as a dmc game then DMC4 so...

l3w1s934d ago

DmC came out 5 years later than DMC4. It ran at half the framerate and even looked worse.

Quatron933d ago

Despite the fact that past DMC games (aside from 2) played both ran and played infinitely better.

Seraphim934d ago

It was a fun and solid game. However, the story, characters, etc, they were shit. Take away those cut scenes and game itself was pretty enjoyable. Overall though, due to those characters, story, etc, yeah, it was pretty shite. What makes it worse is I tried to play the Remaster last year and I couldn't even skip that crap. Needless to say I didn't get too far before shelving it and leaving the game to memory.

Concertoine933d ago

I agree that the story is crap. I think the visual design is pretty neat at times. The combat imo is not great when compared to past dmc games, id put its depth on the level of a Suda51 game. But it is appealing in its simplicity.

WitcheRivia934d ago

DMC5 is using the same art style as DmC. This just goes to show that the people complaining about DmC were mad over nothing. If DMC5 had the same art style as the older games then maybe people complaining about how DmC looks would make sense.

thejigisup934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

No, not it's not using the same art style lol. I just watched both trailers and about 10 minutes of gameplay back and forth to male sure I wasnt crazy...def not the same. Even if you took out that ugly filter in dmc they still look wildly different

Shinox934d ago

@WitcheRivia .. i agree .. the gaming community is full of lying hypocrites

Legacy212933d ago

I loved DMC it was better than 4 and 2 no questions about it. Played 5 and wasnt impressed. Maybe I outgrew the series but boy would I love to see a dmc 2 one day

SEAN1617933d ago

100% agree. I thought Dmc had smoother combat and controls than 4. I also like how the same combat music track did not play over and over. Frankly i doubt many people here even played DMC.

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ApocalypseShadow934d ago

Good game and being a good devil may cry game are two different things. I'll stick with Capcom's original designs and original game under Hideki Kamiya and Shinji Mikami thank you.

I'll never play it. Even if it's given away for free as a Plus game, I wouldn't download it.

Yi-Long934d ago

... so you're saying you never actually played the game... !?

smashman98933d ago

I'm guessing most of the haters never did. As a long time dmc fan myself I remember play the first devil may cry and loving it. I remember hating the second part. I remember loving 3. And then hating 4. When DmC got announced I was weirded out that it was a reboot but gave it a chance anyway and loved it. I'd go as far as saying it's my favorite in the franchise.