Devil May Cry 5 – what Ninja Theory did better than Capcom

Capcom's Devil May Cry 5 is the series' newest shiny jewel, but Ninja Theory's black sheep did a couple things better.

Vandamme211720d ago

I can’t really say anything about this yet because I haven’t started dmc5 yet. I been to busy playing resident evil 2 remake. I love dmc devil may cry.

DaDrunkenJester1720d ago

Besides the cringe dialogue, I thoroughly enjoyed DmC.

Vits1720d ago

It was a pretty good game to be honest, the combo system worked well and gave it some deph (though I can see why a couple of people didn't like it). That said, as a "Devil May Cry" it just wans't what the fans wanted.

DaDrunkenJester1720d ago

I'm not saying it's perfect or better than any of the numbered games, but it was still very enjoyable and in no way deserves the hate it gets from the hardcore fans.

Unspoken1719d ago

I feel the dialogue was terrible just like most dubbed anime where the translators do a piss poor job picking the correct phrases and then in any CGI scene, attempt to match mouth movement.

meka26111718d ago

Yea but the dialog is cringe in the main series as well, so not sure why you say DmC had cringe. I mean how about "yo yo yo, check this out" good I hate Nico lol.

DaDrunkenJester1718d ago

It's cringe regardless if the others were as well. I didn't say it's MORE cringe.

FrostedFire1720d ago

Combat, story, bosses. Ninja Theory did better than Devil may cry 5. The pacing in Devil may cry 5 is so bad. The story is all over the place. Nothing gets explained.

thatguyhayat1720d ago

DmC was not the real Devil may cry. That game was too easy. I did enjoy it though. It should have been called something else

FrostedFire1720d ago

Fair enough. I think where DMC 5 lost me when it comes to combat is how they switched from characters even mid chapter and it never allowed you to really get into the groove with one character. Also kept introducing new weapons on Dante.

Lord_Sloth1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

@Repjaws Not once in DMC5 do they change your character mid mission at all.

Unspoken1719d ago

Combat system is terrible. I was hoping for Ninja Gaiden like combo system and was given the simplified, only need to push one button butchered version.

Guess they decided to implement it to keep the pacing up with the story. More of an interactive anime then a game. But at least it wasn't quick time events.

hulk_bash19871720d ago

Combat = Disagree, DMC5 > DmC
Story = Personal Preference
Bosses = Cant even remember any note worthy ones from DmC

DMC5 is a fun, fastpaced and glorious return to form for the series. And I loved every minute of it. DmC was an enjoyable but ultimately forgetful experience. IMO

Segata1720d ago

The only boss people ever refer to that they liked in DmC is the Raptor Fox news guy...whos mechanics were a worse version of Trickster from DMC3.

Dark_Knightmare21720d ago

Really there was the demon hunter in the first level and the news boss in raptor towers which is more inventive than any boss from dmc 5. Story is personal preference but Dmc was the first devil may cry game that had a story worth a damn imo. Dmc also has way better level design and traversal than Dmc 5. I know the hardcore DMC 5 fanboys are going to downvote because they love to act like Dmc is so horrible and killed their puppy but there’s a reason Itsuno really likes Dmc and why 5 took quite a bit of things from Dmc

Segata1720d ago


According to the VA for Dante. Itsuno was ready to quit Capcom if they made DmC2 over letting him make his own game with DMC5. Says it all really.

TheOptimist1720d ago

Either obvious troll, or tried playing one of DMC 1-4 and couldn't get into it.

I can't see a person who has played 1-4 preferring DmC's combat, story and bosses over 5. I can agree that level design of DmC is better.

Dark_Knightmare21720d ago

Considering 1-4 stories were horrible what’s so hard to understand about people preferring Dmc story.

FACTUAL evidence1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Ugh, didn’t want to say this but you’re trolling.........Dmc story is basically DMC3s and DMC1’s story together, but worse. So how can’t a fan of DmcNinjatheory can’t be a fan of 1-4?

FrostedFire1720d ago

Are you saying I couldn't get into any of the earlier games hence why I'm critical of the newer one? Out of some sort of frustration because I couldn't get into them? Or that I'm an obvious troll. I don't know what kind of rock you live under but people have different opinions. I see Devil May Cry 5 getting flawless reviews and people are loving it. That's great. They may have found something to like in the game that didn't pertain to my interests when I look at a game, fair enough. If I can admit that without putting them in two negative camps I'm sure you can be civil enough to not throw everything I said out a window and call me an obvious troll or saying I tried playing the previous games and couldn't get into them. I have played Dmc 3,4,5 and DmC.

FACTUAL evidence1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )


You trippin’ trippin. The dialouge, combat, and bosses didn’t even rival DMC3. 5 is definitely the best game since DMC4 hands down. The pacing in DMC5 was damned good, and the story was simply
followable even if you didn’t play previous DMC games.

It gets even better once you find out the truth later on. dmcNinjatheory’s story was just a sorry rehash of 3 but worse. Imo the only respectable aspect of the game was the combat, and it still didn’t rival DMC4’s combat.

Not to mention dmcNinjatheory had terrible level design choices. Seems like it had an idenity crisis, didn’t know if it was a platformer or hack n slash. I just can’t take anyone serious about dmc being better than DMC5. Hey, all and all, I’ll let you have your opinion since liking things are subjective. *shrugs*

DaDrunkenJester1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

I was with you until you said DmC has bad level design. That's simply false.

FrostedFire1720d ago

Did we play the same game? The game never explained why The big devil dude (Vergil's other half can't recall his fake name) kept Lady and Trish alive. I know he turned them into bosses but couldn't he do that without them? And if not then why? How did the Yamato seprate Vergil to make V and the big Devil dude? Just because plot? Why didn't Dante's sword do that? Just because plot? I recall V saying that the big Plant that stemmed from hell was so big because a lot of blood was sacrificed to it. So I'm guessing a lot of humans died because of Vergil. Does that ever get addressed? No it doesn't. Look the story in DMC 5 is just a backdrop for one note characters to beat shit up in, let's not beat around the bush. The pacing is terrible because it just cuts away from each character after every chapter even during mid chapters and no one character ever gets fully flushed out.

And to your point of DmC being a platformer? Like, are you serious? You mistook the level transitions for it being a platformer? Or is that just you going on a hyperbole?

":I just can’t take anyone serious about dmc being better than DMC5" translation: I can't take someone with a different opinion towards a game I like seriously. Okay dude.

FACTUAL evidence1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Replay the game without skipping the cutscenes. You will see why Urizen kept the two alive. Lol.

FACTUAL evidence1720d ago

Lol I can’t right now. Repjaws we already know of the properties between the 2 blades. They go over it too. Oh btw, go to the main menu and you have an option to see the story of DMC.

FrostedFire1720d ago

I didn't skip the cutscenes? And the game never explains where he kept both of them alive? To turn them into bosses? Why? How does that work? Why couldn't he do that with other people why only them? I did watch the video on the main menu it did nothing to explain as to why the Yamato separated Vergil into Urizen and V other than for plot reasons, same thing with Dante.

If I did manage to skip over those two essential parts of the story, please do tell me why they do those things. And don't just give me the "Because plot". At that point it just becomes lazy writing.

GameBoyColor1719d ago

@repjaws **SPOILERS**

Urizen took lady and trish to add to his power as they roam the world as bosses.

The yamato can seperate dimensions. So stabbing yourself will seperate demon from human. Creating the powerful true demon Urizen and fragile human being V.

Likewise stabbing yourself with rebellion will fuse human and demon, allowing dante to absorb Sparda and awaken the sin devil trigger. This was all explained in cutscenes dude. You just weren't paying attention or something

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just-joe1720d ago

A combat so great they had to revert back to the old system in the HD edition because it was so stupidly simple. And let's not forget that story original to anyone who's never seen The Matrix or They Live.

Segata1720d ago

It still wasn't the old combat. They just improved what DmC combat was but still is a far cry from DMC4 even let alone DMC5.

jeremyj29131719d ago

Thank you! Not to mention DmC's copy and paste story is spoon fed with no reason to ever use your brain. And there are literally cutscenes that look incomplete with no detail at all.