How The Devil May Cry Games Pulled Me In

Pratyush writes- "According to fans, the wait for the latest DMC installment was torturous; 11 years without a sequel to a game that not only defined a genre but even after all this time, stands atop every other game that it inspired or was inspired by. DMC5’s trailer sent every person who loved video games into a frenzy. More than a decade later, an icon of gaming was returning after being dragged through the mud *cough* DmC *cough*.

DMC5’s reveal trailer brought with it all the cheesiness that was popular in the early 2000s and felt gamey for all the right reasons. Add to that, the persistence of my colleagues that the DMC games (and Ninja Gaiden) were must play action titles and their sarcastic jabs at me for having only played the (shitty) reboot; I relented. Before the release of DMC5, I went back and completed DMC3 and 4, only missing out on DMC1 because it kept crashing on my system (and 2 because that was in a, uhhh “league” of its own)."

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ApocalypseShadow594d ago (Edited 594d ago )

Dante had style for an @$$ kicker. That's what attracted me to the franchise. That first demo that came with the Code Veronica game was Gothic and Castlevania like walking down those hallways. It was amazing. And the attract video in-between made you want more.

As a fan of the series, buying the manga, buying the action figures, watching the anime, it turned me off with Tameem Antoniades of Ninja Theory saying Dante had no style and he knew what was better. That first pick of his "Dante"
showed me he didn't know what he was talking about. Especially with the fact that he needed to be redesigned from turning fans off to him. Besides the story being changed and the combat system being inferior to previous combat systems. Result: less sales. Capcom had to keep releasing it over and over or pair it with other DMC games in bundles to sell it. It under achieved.

Waiting for a DMC 5 with a more traditional Dante, is what fans like me wanted. It's like Jared Leto Joker.
Complete turn off. No one wanted that. And movie sales showed that for Suicide Squad. While the Joker in the latest movie is not a turn off. And made a billion plus. Jared feel alienated after the new Joker was green lit. But it was fans who were alienated from a character they liked that was a turn off. Harley Quinn was alright. But that's only because Margot Robbie is hella fine. You can see her sexiness thorough the makeup.

Glad Dante is back. The cool Dante.
Yes. Devil May Cry 2 was a step back and umm... Interesting. But was stylish. And that Japanese commercial is still awesome to this day.
FU Tameem Antoniades.

Fist4achin594d ago

Good series to get pulled into!