DMC Devil May Cry - A Look Back at the Most Grating Game I Have Ever Played

A look back at the controversial DMC

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Vandamme21934d ago

I love the game...the combat system was freaking awesome...the only thing I didn’t like about it...was Vergil personality.

slasaru01934d ago

I also loved the game, finished like three or four times (X360 + Xbox One + X)

MoshA934d ago

Thank God it had higher ratings than DMC 2-4. They were utter garbage compared to Bayonetta and God of War.

Amplitude934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

imagine being this dude thinking dmc3 was utter garbage lmao

such a good ps2 game

-Foxtrot934d ago

Meh. We have a real DMC sequel now and it's fantastic

We should let this one go

Godmars290934d ago

Still, have to wonder what its defenders have to say now that there is a true DMC sequel out. Can they at last see what everyone else was complaining about?

AK91934d ago

Agreed I hope we can all pretend that DmC never existed, I do that on a regular basis.

CobraKai934d ago

I just saw that “Dante” and remembered how he ruined that game.

AK91934d ago

@CobraKai you mean Donte?

XxSPIDEYxX934d ago

Game was great from the combat, to the boss battles. Would've been very well received if it wasn't called Devil May Cry.

gangsta_red934d ago

Gameplay and level design was fantastic, the story was cool, just the story content was juvenile

Godmars290934d ago

Gameplay was juvenile compared to the best DMC titles at the time, and the key issue against the game was that Ninja Theory couldn't stop declaring that they'd exceed the best DMC titles at the time.

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The story is too old to be commented.