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When it comes to online RPGs, Anthem's barebones launch is, sadly, the same old song and dance.

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Fluttershy7728d ago

Way to Kill an awesome studio EA... And Bioware, well, thats it... You join the list of the great developers from the past that sold their souls to greedy corporate money and slowly and painfully became irrelevant.

ABizzel128d ago

Anthem 2019 early access

Anthem 2020 PS5 / XB4 / PC full release.

sander970227d ago

DICE next, you can feel it coming.

gloubiglou27d ago

have you played the game? way to kill an awesome studio with comments like this! You all praise games like diablo for the same reasons you despise anthem thats funny!

Hungryalpaca27d ago


Diablo actually has content dude. Anthem doesn’t.

Sevir27d ago

I'm not going to be there at launch, again as I've said, Destiny was panned and had growing pains at launch. And faced the same reviews. People saying this would kill Destiny are silly.

Given that this is bioware's first attempt at share world experiences, I knew they'd stumble out of the gate because this is a rubric that even legends in the industry didn't get right on the first try. Square enix had to relaunch FF14 and call it a new title and have it ready worked before it became a massive successful hit.

The Division similarly went through hell before it reached success with expansions before improving in the sequel. Sea of Thieves was a steaming pile of crap... And it's improving now. And Destiny has found a successful cadence and formula after launching with D1 up till now.

Bioware's will need to grow and figure these things out as they journey through this as these other studios have. They have to start from somewhere, they have to establish frameworks and a fanbase and then take feedback to improve that framework. And they've gotta be able to do it rapidly. Something Bungie has learned to do.

It's also why I have avoided anthem from launch because I've been there for Destiny and the Division and don't feel like dealing with it until it's in a great place for another game in this genre.

So good on launching Bioware's, now get ready to work

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lxeasy27d ago

There was a time when Bioware only made great games... these days its every other, other, game smh I want them to be independent from EA so bad.

Axecution27d ago

damn that was a REALLY well-done review. Super in-depth and really explained everything we needed to know. I can tell it isnt a game for me but definitely some people that are more patient than me will love it


Only way EA can bounce back at this point is to release a new Def Jam...and even then they'd liter it with microtransactions.

EddieNX 28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Mass effect is one of the best gaming trilogy's ever.... Look what EA have done to Bioware !!! This is borderline murder!

-Foxtrot28d ago

I can't say best as things little iffy with the third game, you felt Bioware going down hill there and the ending...well the whole thing speaks for it's self.

EddieNX 28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The ending was controversial to say the least but still an amazing game.
Imagine if they had the money they had for Anthem to make say, a good Mass effect game or something they actually wanted to make.
ME trilogy was ridulously good, better than the majority of current gen games.

jeromeface28d ago

Everyone is critical of the 3rd one... it was the first game made with bioware under ea for the entire cycle.

gunnerboy827d ago

Completely agree, EA should have pushed back the release of Andromeda for a year and released Mass Effect Trilogy remastered to tie people over.

They just seem so desperate for the money that they don't allow developers the time to polish their games and just push them out the door as soon as possible.

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GGEZ28d ago

Apex Legends is printing them money and even dethroned Fornite.

annoyedgamer28d ago

That pretty much spells Dice and Bioware's doom. Although in Bioware's case, its just the name that dies, the soul of that studio died long ago.

-Foxtrot28d ago

Which really shows EA knew this was a dud and why they released it in the same month

BizarroUltraman28d ago

A new Fight Night game would be better imo. Its been too long man.....

Rachel_Alucard28d ago

EA killed EA sports Big and after seeing what happened to that SSX reboot from 2012 I don't want another repeat of that. Remove all the fun for realism.

The Wood27d ago

Loved ssx. . .nothing really like it. It was like burnout on snow.

AnubisG28d ago

Nope. Def Jam is not that big. EA got Apex Legends. That game will save their asses and it will become one of their biggest cash cows. It came out of nowhere and it will be just as if not more popular as Fortnite.

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EddieNX 28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Was excited to get this game. Not getting it anymore, it's clearly flawed to the point of maximum annoyance.

EA have killed Bioware. Well done EA, well done..... :(

sinspirit28d ago

It might be a good thing. Maybe, they'll give more time and allow more risks going forward. EA is looking bad all around and this game really has potential. Hopefully we see it turn around.

EddieNX 28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

They're so transparently just horrible b£stards! Everything they do is about making as much money as possible even if it means killing what made the Devs/franchises good in the first place.

You can't blame people for trying to make money but they are truly in their own league of sh£thousery

InTheZoneAC28d ago

I'm just wondering how it took til now to see the writing on the wall.

Pennywise13828d ago

We all know EA sucks and that’s a given but to be fair BioWares record has been spotty for a little while now. Knights of the old republic games were well loved and mass effect 1 had a good reception. Then obviously mess effect 2 was a masterpiece. ME3s reputation has not aged well and then you’ve got the major disappointment of andromeda. You also have the dragon age games where the first one was well received but the second one is kind of hated and the third one is liked but not put on any pedestals. So I guess the question is how much falls on EA how much is on BioWare. It’s not uncommon for the major talents at a studio to move on to other things leaving mostly just a name in place. I will say I have no idea why EA didn’t put BioWare on a new knights of the old republic the second they got the rights to make Star Wars games. Seems like a no brainer. EA would have got their game as a service they seem to so desperately want and gamers would have gotten a game they have been begging for for like a decade now. I guess EA likes cancelling Star Wars games more than they like making them.

ChrisW28d ago

I would have been excited for this game if EA wasn't publishing it... Even if it got a 6.5 from IGN.

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Old McGroin28d ago

Even though I cancelled my pre-order I still had the tiniest glimmer of hope that an updated review including the patch fixes with an actual good score might change my mind and I could try and pick up a copy tomorrow.

Aaaand it's gone.

Dissidia28d ago

This review doesn't include the patch. In the review it's mentioned he spent 40 hours with the game. The patch was released late yesterday.

Strange_Evil28d ago

Unless they can patch a new game on top of this, it doesn't matter.

Npugz727d ago

Exactly! IGN needs to redo the review.

knickstr27d ago

This is why you dont have 10 different releases for your games to try and make more money. Just have one release date. They get what they deserve for the greed.

Npugz727d ago

The review was done pre patch so most of these complaints have been dealt with and fixed already. IGN was stupid for reviewing the early accesss build. The game deserves an 8 out of 10 at the least.

Hungryalpaca27d ago

That’s not true. I played lost patch. The issues are still there.