Anthem Really Does Look Beautiful on Xbox One X

Anthem has some fantastic Xbox One X enhancements, including native 4K rendering. As a result, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

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Kumakai25d ago

i like it. its not perfect but just like most GaS titles, it will evolve beyond the launch. Just like Destiny. I think its just cool to hate on EA more than anything right now.

GameBoyColor25d ago

Destiny is still trash so that's a bad comparison. Also i want to point out that bfv is still a mess. GaS is idiotic, EA is losing money, Activision just fired a crap load of people, GaS is failing these companies and they are starting to finally realize it.

UltraNova25d ago

"GaS is failing these companies and they are starting to finally realize it."

Oh no no no, they are nowhere near done with GaaS yet.

Futureshark25d ago

"GaS is failing these companies and they are starting to finally realize it."

Don't tell Microsoft that, their whole financial strategy seems to be based on this.

starchild25d ago


Everything that isn't awesome is trash right? That's the new edgelord thing to say. If it didn't get a 9 on metacritic--or maybe an 8 at a stretch--it's pure trash.

timotim25d ago


I would love to know where you're getting that from?

thesoftware73025d ago

Kumakai, Exactly, I feel the same way.

Enjoyed my self a bunch last night.

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gloubiglou25d ago

Your comment is crap! First of all show some respect for the time, work, dedication it took for hundreds of people to craft a game like this, with incredible environnments and perfectly smooth and intuitive gameplay! Second of all If its crap then diablo and all the hack n slash games like this, cause thats what anthem is to me, are crap! So why hate anthem for the same reasons we love diablo? You are the reason developpers are scare to create new licenses, ips! So let's bash together anthem so the future will be overcrowded with REAL craps like fortnite!

fiveby925d ago

I played the demo both weekends. It was meh. I'll wait 6 months or more before considering this game. Of the streams and videos I've seen this past week, I had expected more variety of content from Bioware.

Fluttershy7724d ago

Took a lot of people to craft most AAA games, Do we have to like them all? If the game is bad is bad, no matter how many people work on it. You are raging here but it's pointless the game sucks! Is not only IGN, everyone, every single reviewer professional or indie, big or small are giving this bad reviews... Do we have to take your word, the word of some random N4G nobody commentator over these people?
You are entitled to like it, go and play it... But I didn't and a lot of people agree with me.

gloubiglou24d ago

do you have to take anyone's word before playing a game and even worse before liking it? my word is worth anyone else 's word by the way. And I play and love anthem because I tried it, and ignored the flow of hate to make my own opinion, as objectively as possible.

Italiano123456725d ago

And to bad the update disabled HDR on both consoles

thrust25d ago

They need to fix this ASAP, I want my 4k and HDR!

Hedstrom25d ago

Anthem looks great on all consoles and especially on PC. But thats not really its problem!

AK9125d ago

Yes it does but it runs at 20 fps.

thesoftware73025d ago

It looks amazing on my 65" 4k HDR T.V.

The game is so much fun.

Add me on xbox: Thesoftware730

thesoftware73025d ago

While i do have a ps4, I do not play Multiplayer on it much. I'm not a fan of the PS4's UI.

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