Need For Speed – What The Hell Happened To It?

Taking a look back at what was once one of EA’s most prestigious franchises.

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Fluxour796d ago

EA's fuckery is what happened

frostypants795d ago

It's always been an EA franchise though.

MajorLazer795d ago

EA were lesser cu**s back in the days

Gaming101795d ago

Dude, if you take a hammer and replace the head, then later replace the handle, is it the same hammer? Same goes for company executives.
New Executives only care about increased profitability at the cost of everything else, so they charge full price for a game then include mobile game revenue mechanics to make people grind it out playing the game, slowing progression to a grinding crawl, hoping you'll just pay more money to not have to play as much of the game to finally advance. That is the gaming industry today, and it's not just EA.

Muzikguy795d ago

That’s exactly it. EA happened. What was once a great franchise and fun to play is no more

Jls1796d ago

simple EA shutdown Black Box and ever since its been trash. Except hot pursuit 2010

LucasRuinedChildhood796d ago

They also seem to have messed with Criterion despite the fact that Criterion kept the franchise relevant last gen. Hot Pursuit was awesome and Most Wanted was good fun as well. It shouldn't have been called Most Wanted but that was EA's call.

chris235796d ago

they said they wanted to take a year off in 2018 because of franchise fatigue. i‘m sure there will be another one this year. no need to blog about it.

Bleucrunch796d ago

EA is what happened......

Yi-Long796d ago

Always Online, DLC greed, MTs, etc etc. The usual suspects.

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The story is too old to be commented.