Need for Speed games are on sale for $5

Electronic Arts is discounting a number of Need for Speed games to just $4.99. The games on sale include Need for Speed Rivals, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Need for Speed Payback.

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racer22647d ago

5 dollar ? Are you nucking futs? Go and buy?

CaptainOmega647d ago

The last one I played was the OG Most Wanted.

Casepb645d ago

The Most Wanted from Criterion was pretty awesome.

Sgt_Slaughter646d ago

You can find games like Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed/Hot Pursuit 2/Underground/Most Wanted for $5 or so at local shops and eBay. Way better games.

EazyC646d ago

The PS2 version of Hot Pursuit 2(which is markedly different from the Xbox/PC versions) is one of the greatest racing games ever made, it was absolutely fantastic when it came out. Wish they could recreate that kind of experience now.

Razmiran645d ago

I played it on pc
How was it different?

USMC_POLICE645d ago (Edited 645d ago )

100% agree, modding it on pc was fantastic, adding new cars. I’ve beaten it on all platforms. Wish it would be remastered. High stakes and original hot pursuit were also great. Hometown, atlantica, rocky pass. “ you’re busted, you won’t be so lucky next time”

Axecution646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Thanks! Gonna grab Rivals. I played like 20 minutes of it a looong time ago and the acting and story and cutscenes are just as hilariously awful as Guitar Hero Live. 5 bucks is a steal for that

Razmiran645d ago

Rivals is not the one with live action cutscenes, thats the one that has no subtitle

Axecution645d ago

ah youre right. I was thinking of NFS Payback. Oh well lol


Rivals was a good idea but the cars handled like crap in my opinion.

WeAreLegion646d ago

Do NOT buy Payback. No matter how cheap.

Retroman645d ago

Agree , never played it. but watching e3 announcement video it dawn on me this game will be Craptastic and it was. thank God i did not buy it.

WeAreLegion645d ago

Got it for free at launch. It is absolutely horrible.

KyRo645d ago

I bought it as the previous NFS (the one where it was always night time) was so good. Then I played payback which was a step backwards in every way. The graphics, typical American stereotypes, the presentation, cringe voice acting. Baffling how you take that much of a step backwards lol

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