Top 5 Worst EA Published Games

EA is known for publishing some of the biggest games in the industry. From Star Wars to FIFA the company has a lot of highly-acclaimed IPs to work with. However, EA's brand has taken a sharp turn over the years and delivered some extremely dishearting games. Here are the top 5 worst EA published games.

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anonymousfan593d ago

Ah lot of those IPs could have been turned into great games but were otherwise ruined by EA.

AngelicToucH592d ago

Battlefield 4 is one of THE best shooters out there and number 1 Battlefield among with bad company. Putting that game just for the shitty launch problems is a clear invalid article for me riddle by stupidity.

KeenBean345592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

The Simpsons license has so much potential and you could create some interesting and fun games out of it (see Simpsons hit & run + The Simpsons Game) but they are making fuck you money off of Tapped Out so no chance there.

Surprised me how well Hit & Run has aged as well. Despite it's numerous bugs it's still a fun and relaxing experience

AngelicToucH592d ago

Kinda funny that EA has a lot of trash games but the article managed to put 2 of the best games they have in about "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Veneno592d ago

Tapped out is the best style of game for the Simpsons because it gives you more of what we like: the comedy. Licensed games don't work when you shoehorn unrelated styles of play into a license, like all the other Simpsons games.

Seriously this writer doesnt know how to play Tapped Out and all they are doing is pulling on the "duh I'm on the side of the consumer" crap.

If you knew anything you would know what to do to continuously play Tapped Out. You have to plan your actions according to time frame. Do the seconds/minutes long tasks and go up from there. Then start the long tasks when You put your phone away.

It's really simple. Yes the game has microtransactions but it never once tries to fool you and they don't spam you with the option and the game has NO ADS.

oh but of course leave out all the great things about the game because that just wouldn't fit your " duh I'm pro consumer" narrative.

Goddamn amateur.