Ranking the Need for Speed games - from the bad to the great

Paul writes: "Without further ado, here is my list of the best and worst Need For Speed games in the history of the world! I'll run worst to best, so if you want to know which is the best ever Need for Speed game, you’ll have to read on."

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OneEyedSteve1278d ago

Most wanted 2012 imo was awful, on PS3 the graphics are dreadful, and the crash cam was very annoying. Rival is the worst imo, hated that game. My favourite is Hot Pursuit, great game. Also Shift 1&2 are really good.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence1278d ago

High Stakes will always be my favorite. Great cars, great music, and you could see through the windows which was pretty mind-blowing at the time. Best of all it was ricer-free.

steven83r1278d ago

Lame. The list doesn't even include any of the originals. NFS 1 and NFS hot Pursuit 1998. Must be a youngster who created the list.

CYALTR1277d ago

He clearly stated that being this was an Xbox centered site he was going to limit his list to games that released on some form of Xbox. He also stated he had been playing them since OG PLaystation, so pretty sure he's not a "youngster"

Retroman1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

From my personal experience NFS I personally don't like.......
The Worst : Underground 2 , Carbon, Prostreets, Undercover, Porche unleashed, Nitro, NFS World, 2012 Mostwanted, Rivals, 2015 Reboot last but not least Paycrap.
Best NFS I personally like :
All ps1 NFS : HighStakes (the best) including NFS 3 Hotpursuit , ps2 Hotpursuit 2 (Excellent game ) ..Underground ( Best so far)
2005 Mostwanted ( Excellent game) Shift 1/2 (Spectacular) remind me of GT , 2010 Hotpursuit Great game but race Waaaaaaay to long in my personal opinion . Last but not least The Run . these are my favorite NFS titles .
After The Run in my personal opinion NFS went down hill fast with Open world mapping crap, always online, multiplayer crap, alldrive, drifting in every freaking corners, no gripping anymore,autolog. None of this crapfest is NFS original formula. until Ea contract Ghost Games to return the original formula back in NFS it will always be Shitty game.