Assassin's Creed Odyssey Review - A Brilliant but Bloated Game that Lacks Identity | GameCloud

Kit Fox at GameCloud writes: "Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a brilliant and beautiful game, but it’s also abandoned too many of its own time-tested mechanics in favour of ones from other games. The inclusion of narrative choices is nice and selectable genders was long overdue, but then so much of the game is spent on pointless side content that offers nothing except to fill the unnecessarily oversized map or delay the story. It was encouraging when Ubisoft skipped a year to develop Origins, and I’m relieved the series is going to be taking another year off in 2019. While Odyssey isn’t a bad game by any stretch, I think a more extended break might be in order, to help the series rediscover its identity. Odysseus was lost for ten years before he finally found his way home. Maybe one day, Assassin’s Creed will too."

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RosweeSon31d ago

This just pretty much sums up Ubisoft for me brilliant bloated but lacks identity it cane be said for all their yearly churns they are Great games and whilst I enjoyed assassins 1/2/3 black flag syndicate and I will be origins? (Egypt) and the latest one once they Cheaper they are great games but 2 was best syndicate I enjoyed as was U.K. based but the games are never on same level as say a Nintendo/rockstar 9-10/10 consistently Ubisoft more solid 8 not a terrible thing but they could be so much better