Assassin's Creed Odyssey available on PC and Xbox Game Pass today

Ubisoft's brilliant Assassin's Creed Odyssey will become available via Xbox and PC Game Pass today, Microsoft has annou…

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RavenWolfx640d ago

At the time of this comment, I am not seeing Odyssey on Xbox or PC yet.


Ubisoft blames “technical error” for showing pop-up ads in Assassin’s Creed

A fullscreen pop-up ad appeared in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for some players this week.

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Einhander1972205d ago

Technically, we wanted more money.

bradfh205d ago

Call of Duty already does this; Ubisoft and other game companies will follow suit and explore similar approaches.

Kaii205d ago

Congratulations, A technical error In displaying ads while playing.
EU consumer law needs to chew these assholes a new one.

TheColbertinator205d ago

At this point the entire EU commission must be bribed

Christopher205d ago

The big note here is the built in ad-displays during gameplay and not that they happened. Start screen, cool. Gameplay? That shouldn't ever happen.

Yi-Long204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

"Start screen, cool."

Uhm, no. Start screen very much NOT cool either. There really need to be new laws implemented banning these companies from shoving ads down out throats at every opportunity they see fit.

Crows90204d ago

For free to play which is a market of games needing monetization through different venues. In those games this stuff is fine by me. But when you pay ..20, 40 ,60, or $70 that's when it is not okay to any degree.

jznrpg204d ago

Start screen not cool either

walken7205d ago

They're testing the waters, vote with your wallets.

porkChop205d ago

That's not a technical error. An ad can't be displayed mid-game without you creating the code/tech to make that possible first.

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