Why Sleeping Dogs is the most interesting open-city game of recent years

"With Yakuza back in the spotlight again and Shenmue reappearing after 20 years in the wilderness, I've been thinking a lot about Sleeping Dogs, United Front's open-world crime epic that is often considered a cousin to Yakuza." | Rick Lane

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StormLegend847d ago

Still no where near better than True crime streets of LA

sonicsidewinder845d ago

Nick Kang, Live from the Crime Scene!

annoyedgamer847d ago

This one was one of my favorites. I played the free demo and got hooked immediately.

bacrec1847d ago

I would really enjoy a sequel.

Stevonidas845d ago

#MeToo. It's too bad United Front focused their efforts on that stupid-ass Triad Wars that nobody wanted, or even asked for, instead of delivering a proper Sleeping Dogs sequel.

PhoenixUp847d ago

“With Yakuza back in the spotlight again”

When was Yakuza in the spotlight before?

“When it first launched in 2012, Sleeping Dogs was criticised for looking dated.”

Who said that?

“But Sleeping Dogs isn't content to let these systems lie”

You cheeky bastard

ZeekQuattro846d ago

Very fun game. Shame there will probably never be a sequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.