Best crime video games that aren't GTA

While the GTA games remain some of the greatest crime games ever, they are well known. Here are eight great crime video games that aren't GTA.

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sourOG76d ago

Condemned criminal origins

porkChop76d ago

That was such a cool game. I didn't like Bloodshot nearly as much though.

MadLad76d ago

It lost the grounded soul of the original and became a kind of corny take on horror.

The sequel was by no means a bad game, but it's like they didn't understand what made the first so good.
Not much different than FEAR 2.

I still would have liked to see what they would do with the third, but WB turned them into a license developer for years now.
I doubt they'll ever be given a chance to work on old IP unless they get from under WB.

Profchaos76d ago

I hate they ended the 2nd on a cliffhanger

sourOG76d ago

I’d love a remaster of the first game: same with fear.

sourOG76d ago

I agree about that the FEAR comparison. First was amazing. 2nd was meh.

TheEnigma31375d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I loved that game. My first 360 game. Loved the concept

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Tetsujin76d ago

Surprised The Getaway didn't make the list.

ClayRules201276d ago

I am too. Loved The Getaway, such a fun time I had with that game. Shame it never came out on PS3 back in the day😢

Good-Smurf76d ago

They did showed tech demo of the third game until it stuck in development hell for years and cancelled it for some unclear reasons.
Same with Eight Days very impressive looking crime game but got cancelled for unclear reasons.

RedDevils76d ago

It was 8 days, and I was so hyped wish they didn't cancel it.

ClayRules201276d ago

Yeah, I remember that PS3 tech demo for The Getaway, it was really stunning at the time, and the density in traffic (for the small section on display) had me really impressed. I guess I wouldn’t say traffic, just the amount of vehicles on display in general in that area.

And I remember that Eight Days, that first trailer (where it looked like gameplay) with animations that still today blow me away, specifically the guy jumping throw that diner window and landing onto that table, that was a 🤯wtf moment! I remember hearing it was cancelled and was so bummed.

I wish Rockstar would’ve done something with that Sony exclusive they never delivered on (for various reasons we don’t know) shame on that too.

Yui_Suzumiya76d ago

Kane and Lynch series was awesome. Still waiting on a sequel to Dog Days.

neutralgamer199276d ago

Scarface needs a remaster

True crime series was a lot of fun. Hopefully MS will reboot the series

Saints row 1-2 needs a remaster

Sleeping dogs is great but I feel like it's on all lists now a days

ClayRules201276d ago

Scarface, I put so much time into that game! LOVED IT!

Would love a True Crime again, loved NY.

And Sleeping Dogs, great it is!

MajorLazer75d ago

Probably my favourite PS2 game ever, Scarface.

porkChop76d ago

With Xbox buying Activision I would love to see them reacquire the license and remaster the game. Then resurrect the cancelled sequel in Las Vegas. Scarface could have been a huge franchise but Activision bought Sierra, and COD4 had just exploded the shooter market. We know where their focus went after that.

Good-Smurf76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Urban Chaos Riot Response is also deserves a mention one of many hidden gem of PS2 era.
Getaway is simply a darker more realisitc GTA in London crime world the second game pushed PS2 to its breaking point alongside SoC.

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