8 Games that need sequels

GF365: "Here are eight games that need sequels. These games are ones that players would love to experience another time, bigger and better."

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Leeroyw151d ago

Bloodborne is a game I still restart and play every few months. I would welcome just a re release in 60fps with a visual upgrade. It's a perfect game. If I was king for a day I would include the randomizer mods because then it would be a kind of rogue like and I could play it forever.

gleepot150d ago

Sure, ill take a sequel to all of these.


Half-Life 2 RTX Is in Development by a Group of Modders, Will Support Ray Tracing, DLSS 3, RTX IO

At Gamescom 2023, NVIDIA announced it has approached a group of modding teams to create Half-Life 2 RTX, a ray traced/DLSS 3 powered remaster.

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RaidenBlack41d ago

Absolutely Incredible!
Nothing less.

Number1TailzFan41d ago

Have to say it does look quite nice. Not a fan of frame generation though but can easily be turned off.

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1nsomniac39d ago

That suit looks amazing. We really do need a proper new valve game. They were front runners on creative innovative technology. That actually made a difference.

Playing HL2 for the first time and witnessing the animation and physics was literally stunning.

Number1TailzFan39d ago

The sad thing is the physics and world interaction are still pretty good today, because hardly any other game bothers in those areas.


5 Games to Play If You Miss Bloodborne

Diana writes: "Bloodborne is a video game milestone. Since its release, back in 2015, it has managed to enchant a large portion of gamers who have not held back in defining FromSoftware's work a true masterpiece. Despite this enormous success, the development team has never ruled on the possibility of being able to see a sequel sooner or later, even if there have been countless rumors about it over the years."

DOMination-52d ago

If you've got the space and budget, then you can't go wrong with Kinect Sports. Otherwise, if you want the cheap option, Blood borne ain't bad

geekmandem51d ago

I'll have to give Blood borne a try. Is it any good?

jznrpg52d ago

If I want to play Bloodborne I play Bloodborne.

geekmandem51d ago

Good, here are 5 other suggestions :)

OhReginald52d ago

Bloodborne didn't go no where. You can still play it. It's okay.

OhReginald51d ago

Bro this is a video game website. You think any of us go to parties.

geekmandem50d ago

Aye, but if you did... is what I'm saying. Bro.

GoodGuy0952d ago

The only souls game that hasn't had a 60fps version yet and it's regarded as one of the very yall doing?

Tapani52d ago

Bloodborne is the medicine to Bloodborne, not a lower quality copy cat alternative.


Most Detailed Video Games

These are some of the most detailed video games available now. The games contain details regarding the plot or mind-blowing visual effects.

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Hereandthere86d ago

4 PlayStation exclusives, rdr2 and gta 4 and 5. Not one xbox made game.

zachyBROosevelt86d ago

What Xbox game should be on there?

Flewid63885d ago

Quantum Break and Ryse Son of Rome. They're the only 2 Microsoft games I ever enjoyed, probably because they felt like PlayStation games.


What Xbox games are missing?

What Xbox games would even be candidates? The OG Xbox version of Chaos Theory?

SullysCigar86d ago

None - I took that as his point. There aren't any xbox games that are contenders for this list.

Abnor_Mal85d ago

“Not one ‘Xbox made’ game.”


Yet people are throwing out games made by third parties that are exclusive to Xbox, which isn’t what the question asked.


A simulator that was built for PC first hardly counts….

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MGS2’s ice cubes deserved a mention.