EA Lists Ways to Play Anthem Before It Launches

Discover all the ways you can play Anthem early and choose the option that’s right for you.

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BLAKHOODe27d ago

Anthem looks amazing and I'd pre-ordered it in a heartbeat otherwise, but I just don't trust EA. The same could be said for Battlefield V.

If EA does gamers right with BFV, I might pre-order Anthem then.

elazz27d ago

If you don't trust EA why not just get the game in release week after knowing how it is regardless of how BFV released. What if there are game breaking bugs or online doesn't work?

You know EA has to amend for years of before you can trust them but maybe it's better if they don't exist in the future anymore.

BLAKHOODe27d ago

I have till February 21 to pre-order Anthem, 4 months after BFV releases, which is plenty of time for EA to show they've become more gamer friendly.

I have a "rule" when it comes to buying games. If I'm interested, I'll pre-order.. I'm a sucker for pre-order bonuses, but if I'm not interested enough to pre-order before release, but become interested afterwards, I won't pay full price. I'll either wait for the price drop or a sale... and by then, I might not be as interested.

T2X26d ago

I love how people want these companies to close down because of perceived injustice to people playing a game. If companies like EA and Activision were to disappear, people would then just bitch about some other company that did something they don't like or agree with and so on and so forth until the industry dies. people take this crap way too seriously. I buy EA games because they are good games. Better than most others out there anyway. Are they perfect all the time? No. But, I have never felt that I have been "Tricked" or taken advantage of by them or any company for that matter. People should be more pissed at Telltale games for selling season passes and then closing down. That's a screwing for many people far worse than the complaints people have about games that haven't even launched yet.

BLAKHOODe26d ago


Literally, consumer protection laws have been passed, because of EA, so I think any complaint toward their practices is 100% justified.

Realms26d ago

Pre orders are part of the problem why would EA change when people still buy their shitty games, EA makes millions on FIFA alone a game that you'd be hard press to see any noticeable changes on a yearly basis. If there ever was a money grabbing greedy company it's EA they are among the worst. On principal alone nobody should be pre ordering their games for what they did with the Star Wars franchise.

TheSaint26d ago

You don't need to pre order anything.

PapaBop27d ago

Each way requires handing money over to EA, surprise surprise! I imagine we'll see an open beta at some point because if they don't do one, I'll be even more sceptical than I already am.

Leeroyw27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The option that's right for me is to wait til there is over ten or so official AND peer reviews that make me want to buy it.

Until then I am not giving them a cent.

cabbitwithscissors27d ago

If you ask me, EA should just shut the fuck up and keep their filthy hands and mouth off this one, and let Bioware lead with this.

mgszelda127d ago

I can't shake the feeling this game will flop and bioware will be dissolved by EA due to EA not understanding how to handle its non sports dev teams.
Not that I think they do a good job with sports titles but they can definitely get away with microtransactions in sports titles because those fans aren't as bothered by it

jznrpg27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

My way to play : Not at all. Bioware was once a company that released games looked forward to . I have no interest in Biowares version of Destiny

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The story is too old to be commented.