These Random PS Vita Games Keep Topping the Charts, According to NPD Report

Twinfinite writes: Like they do each month, the NPD group has released info detailing the top ten best-selling PS Vita games for the month of August in the United States.

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Araragifeels 617d ago

Is not surprising since PSVITA still have a hardcore fan base who supports the system. Sadly, PlayStation has forsaken us.

crazyCoconuts617d ago

I finally sold mine but would definitely come back if Sony came out with a new one. Not enough of us out there to make it worth their $ i guess...

Imortus_san615d ago

Correction, Sony as forsaken you.

coffeemaster617d ago

Why is Street Fighter selling so well???

Araragifeels 617d ago

Why not? There barely any good 2d fighting game so it not surprising that people want a PSVITA brawl game on the go.

kombuchaa616d ago

Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk might be the best game title of 2018

notachance616d ago

Muvluv Alternative isn't random at all... it's the ranked #1 VN game on

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