PS Vita Update 3.74 Released, Disables New Account Creation on System

Sony has released the PS Vita update 3.74 firmware patch this May 10, and while it adds extra account security, it disables new account creation too.

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darthv72270d ago

Prepping for the end.....

Pastemaniak270d ago

Bro, the end came and passed by long ago.

darthv72270d ago

The store hasnt closed yet. When it does... that will be the end.

hiawa23270d ago

Unfortunately, the end came years ago, but I will pull mine out and update.

Iceball2000270d ago

An other nail in the coffin :(

shinoff2183270d ago

Sucks for the vita. If only more devs wouldve developed for it. It wasnt just sony. It seemed at one point it was just indie devs making games for it. It couldve used some more love from sony and others.

270d ago
one2thr270d ago

Henkaku's time to shine.

1nsomniac270d ago

Really going to have to look into doing this again so I can get my snes & mega drive emu’ working on it

one2thr269d ago

Yes definitely!
I just put Bad Company 2 on mine, it's not bad considering it's on a handheld[No multiplayer unfortunately]

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