New PS Vita Browser Exploit Makes Installing Custom Firmware Easier Than Ever

DS: Hacking a PS Vita has never been so easy.

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anubusgold76d ago

Why is this news if sony doesnt want it get out of the way and let modders make games for it. There are people still making games for sega dreamcast and genesis if you abandon something dont be a ahole when someone else tries to support it. Thats like some deadbeat dad coming back after 20 years and yelling at the man that raised him thats my son leave him alone lol.

Eidolon76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I've avoided CFW because I am afraid of being banned and also was unsure how trophies would work with syncing, and then Sony constantly patches these.

luckytrouble76d ago

I installed CFW ages ago, spoofed the firmware number, blocked official updates, and even made purchases from PSN after. Sony really doesn't care what you do with hardware they no longer support.

Eidolon76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Can you sync trophies and all that?

Eidolon76d ago

Come to think of, idk if I care about emulation or homebrew anymore on it. I just want to play vita games.

Sirk7x76d ago

Can confirm, Sony doesn't give a crap lol. As long as you're not hacking trophies, you can legitimately download games and play them online, no problem. I've had mine hacked for years.

Eidolon76d ago

They won't see you have trophies on a digital only game you have not purchased, and ban you?