Is It Worth Getting a PlayStation Vita In 2022? Hecks Yeah

The PlayStation Vita may be ten years old, but it remains surprisingly fresh -- and is well worth the investment!

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Knightofelemia338d ago

Vita and PSTV are worth grabbing it does have a solid library behind it like the PSP.

roadkillers337d ago

Does PSTV still allow PSNOW?

Lexreborn2337d ago

It was always worth it, ashame how much people trashed it when it was so ahead of its time. I have two oled models and plan to mod one eventually. But I need time to do that

jjb1981337d ago

It'll probably take about 45 minutes for your first time. The newest method is pretty quick.

Lexreborn2337d ago

Is this site against sharing links? If not you mind sharing the newest instructions?

EvertonFC337d ago

Depends what genre of games you like imo.

RosweeSon337d ago

Great little system just not supported half as well as Psp was. Sony pushed hard for Gran turismo metal gear peace Walker GTA x2 (liberty and vice city stories) Tony hawks 2 god of war exclusives when it came to Vita those games were non existent or simple ports no vita exclusive entries except uncharted and Killzone. gravity rush and tearaway were brilliant tho just needed a few more of the big hitters to join. Mainly use mine for ps1 games now 🙌🏻🤣 and some psp

KyRo336d ago

There's a permanent jailbreak for the Vita now now to get the homebrew browser and people have ported GTA3, VC, SA and Bully. I know a lot of people associate jail breaks with piracy but there's some good stuff getting ported atm via the homebrew lot.

RosweeSon336d ago

Ah that’s pretty cool and at this point Sony have given up so sorta free game really not saying help yourself to everything but when looking to get the older games physical prices Sky rocket so can see why it happens. Just yeah Sony had a massive push for the psp getting big IP’s on the system just didn’t feel it as much for Vita I mean they were there but yeah a lot were just PS3 games portable 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 ✌🏻

Tigerblud337d ago

Might as well get a Switch or Steam Deck.

pietro1212337d ago

A lot of games I can’t play on my Switch or Steam Deck (without the use of emulation) so it’s kind of worth having one if you can afford it

Silly gameAr337d ago

Vita has games you can't play on Switch or your phone, and did the Steam Deck already come out? I must have missed that.

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The story is too old to be commented.