Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer

Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield V as the series goes back to its roots with a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2. Assemble your Company of customized soldiers, weapons, and vehicles – then take them on an epic journey through the Tides of War. Experience the most intense, immersive Battlefield yet. You will never be the same.

Skull5212217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Some great stuff, some bad. Overall underwhelming trailer, I need more information. Choice of "lets make a woman talk first in a WWII game trailer" was a questionable choice.

bolimekurac2217d ago

that was a amazing trailer and its gonna rock on the xbox one x. so impressive it is

Gaming_1st2217d ago


Far from a amazing trailer. Actually i was a little disappointed.

abstractel2217d ago

Hth do you justify criticizing this game trailer for having a woman speak first? It's not about whether there were a lot of women soldiers during WW2, there's been so many stories told and other parts of the trailer (including her arm) is showing that this is their take in this version of their WW2 game. Just really don't get how that choice bothers you.

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Omnisonne2217d ago

I'll wait for any news on MT's for starters.. The action looks good, but that's all it showed really, hope the gameplay will be changed up enough from previous titles to keep things interesting.

-Foxtrot2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

I was going to say I know there were some woman on the battlefield during WWII but that level of bad ass I'm not sure. Most of the roles women had during WWII were searchlight operators military wise


I don't think it bothers people because "oh my God...sexism" it's just the studios always make out they want these well told Battlefield games about the core aspects of the war they are making the game about and also trying to respect our history by showing it as it happened...however they end up doing things which make you scratch your head and go "Did they do that?" contradicting their own statements. Of course these kind of games take into the "over the top" nature but you can't add or change our history just to bring in "equality". People were closed minded back then, we have to learn to accept it and tell history as it was.

It's like TV shows or films set during the past where they feel like they need to include a woman or black character despite the fact the time period they've chosen might make people think "Really? In those times?"...and for what? Because everything these days needs to include diversity.

Now if it was a modern or future based war game...well do what you like considering we live in a more open minded and progressive world

fathertime44642217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Most Russian snipers and a lot of french resistance were women in ww2, so yeah plenty of bad ads women to go around.

Looks pretty damned sweet, I like that it's just set in ww2 and not necessarily true to life. Sometimes that makes for a better game when you dont follow the dots completely.
More excited for this than BLOP 4

hazard17remedy2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )


Woman fought on the front line, usually in anti aircraft units. And not only 50, 100. Hundreds of woman's gave their blood and lives to fight in the WWII.

-Foxtrot2217d ago


Russian Snipers and some French Resistance members...not really "on the battlefield" is it. I'm talking about in the trenches, on the front lines, in the heart of the war like shown in the action packed trailer, not resistance groups within home cities or some snipers. Not to mention a person on the battlefield with a hook hand? You'd most likely be dead with two hands considering how deadly and brutal the war was, managing to be an over the top bad ass with one working hand...come on. Lets not pretend they aren't trying to please a certain crowd so they can get some brownie points with people.

If the game was about a resistance group composed of regular average joes within the town with hardly no fighting experience while they try to hold back a hostile German take over of where they live then sure that sounds great, it would fit within the story.

Gazondaily2217d ago

"Choice of "lets make a woman talk first in a WWII game trailer" was a questionable choice."

Seriously? Why ?

kevnb2217d ago

what was good about it? It looked the same as every other campaign in the genre that sucked.

Skull5212217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

The social justice warrior mentality is strong with EA. Made sure to get both a woman and a black man in that splash screen. Nothing against either, but the forced diversity is overwhelmingly apparent, and that stuff got old a long time ago.

I just hope they retain a good amount of historical accuracy or you can count me out. If I start seeing all sorts of optics on weapons it's a no-buy for me, we already know you have another modern Battlefield game in the pipeline, and that is where that stuff belongs.

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WelkinCole2217d ago

Does it bother you that much that a woman talks first?. Its just a freaking game. Its not real life.

I hate how triggered the SJW crowd are of anything but you folks are getting just as bad.

It would be nice to come in a gaming tread for once and not talk BS gender politics.

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fathertime44642217d ago

It's more than obvious that you have a reading disability. Did I or did I not also say that it's not true to life and I kinda liked it more for that?! Learn to read and comprehend.
Also last I checked, you had to be on the front lines or beyond them in order to be a successful sniper. Also the trenches were in ww1. Learn your history and for God smacks learn to read, it's very important

-Foxtrot2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )


You always know when someone is grasping for straws for their counter argument when the first line they have is a personal attack

***It's more than obvious that you have a reading disability***

Was that really needed? Anyway some snipers were female but mostly Russian and there was still hardly enough of them to really make a difference in all this. Is the woman in the trailer Russian? No? Then kind of an invalid argument

LOL trenches weren't used in WW2? Are you serious? Course they bloody were, only difference this time was they were used in a different way rather then full on defence like during WW1. Mostly to strengthen gains made during the on going struggle along with having them used as a jumping off point during offensive attacks.

Maybe you should read up on your history huh? Next time it'll make you look a little less silly.

fathertime44642217d ago

What branch of military were you in that you feel so entitled to pi$$ on the female soldiers of that time that fought and did for people like you?
I was in the us army and Male or female front lines or not should always get more credit than a bigot like you

Ceaser98573612216d ago


Well amazing looking trailer Graphics wise but can't say whether the game will be amazing and its gonna rock on the Ps4 Pro too ,

Gazondaily2216d ago

Lol a woman and a black man in this shooter are what you guys are complaining about....right...

SolidStoner2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Im sorry, but as a Hard-core BF fan, I didnt miss even one BF game, playing since 1942 :D

BF5 looks like a cartoon for children and has no feel of WW2, spit in the face for game fans and WW2 veterans..
Core fan audience is looking for calm representation of WW2, with realistic BF graphics and physics, especially gun control and recoil, just hope it will get a proper Hardcore mode with 1 bullet HS, like in other realistic FPS, we have to take away those super human running and jumping with no consequences when you get shot, it looks/feels stupid and is made for egoistic retards..

edit: and fix rate of fire of guns, make it realistic and represent each gun like it should work in WW2, please no more fake "balancing" just so cry babies can shoot with every weapon the same way..

Kryptix2216d ago

Seems like whatever SJWs that worked on Andromeda got moved towards this project.

The trailer disapppinted me, I can easily tell this game will be "fruity" allowing whatever stupid cosmetic item they can come up with. Most likely taken inspiration from Fortnite that I wouldn't be surprised they went this route to cater to everyone because they're also adding their own batgle royale mode.

This reminded me of the time Brothers in Arms was being turned into something different and the project got cancelled.

Well, after the right steps with BF1, they're going to lose that momentum with this one.

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morganfell2217d ago

very vaguely loosely in a nebulous manner.

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The 10th Rider2217d ago

I think they were trying way too hard to show off the revised movement and character customization.