BF5 Trailer Featured 'In-Engine Footage,' Microtransactions Will Be Cosmetic Only, No Lootboxes

EA has confirmed more details about Battlefield V.

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DarkVoyager122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

“BF5 Trailer Featured 'In-Engine Footage”

In game > In engine

I’m not falling for it anymore.

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starchild122d ago

Well, all Dice's games look incredible so I'm sure this game will too.

Obscure_Observer121d ago

I´m happy that DICE cast a STFU spell on the haters and naysayers! No loot boxes! No Pay to Win! Only cosmetics MT´s.

DAY ONE!!!!!!

Rude-ro122d ago

“... represents...” key word.
You are correct

Movefasta1993122d ago

Sooo were going to act like the battlefield games haven't been great graphically?

Kabaneri122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Battlefield 1 is one of the best looking shooters, 3 and 4 looked good if you had a decent PC. Hardline was an ugly game for sure, the artwork was so uninspired.

EDKICK121d ago

Apparently we are gonna act like Battlefield 1 didn't look phenomenal on top of being a great game.
Definitely don't pre-order the game or trust EA to not mess something up but are we really gonna try and act all skeptical on whether the game is gonna look good lol? Even Battlefront as bad as it was still looked good.
I have no love for EA (they are trying to ruin Bioware whose games I love) but some of these hate trains y'all hoping on for some likes are silly lol.

threefootwang122d ago

This isn't COD, Dice has always been good for graphics with BF.

SierraGuy121d ago

In engine aka not in game aka pointless

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Jinger122d ago

That 'in engine footage was so pre done it wasn't even funny

angelsx122d ago

Yep but Dice never disappoint with graphics. Let's be honest here.

-Foxtrot122d ago

Yeah well we'll see'll make up your money somewhere else it's just about how.

You can't believe these guys straight away, that's how EA gets you

DJStotty122d ago

we know how, its called tides of war. You buy a pass which grants you access to content that is available for a certain period of time.

When that expires, you lose the content and can no longer play it, and then you buy a pass for the next content.

No thankyou, just no

Majin-vegeta122d ago

No you don't stop spreading lies.

bigmalky122d ago

So subscribe to your ISP, to subscribe to your console's online features, to buy an online game, just to subscribe to it's later content?

Fuck that. Too many people asking for monthly payments just to play a game. I'll stick to my dying single player games.

Also, cosmetic MT's are trash. They'll make you look so out of place in a WWII setting, that you have to pay if you want any realism... The thought that someone sat in a board room and threw that idea out is shocking.

SixFragz122d ago

where did you ever see them talk about the bullwank you just spewed?

DJStotty121d ago

So you think EA are going to give you free DLC? for the lifetime of one of their bigger franchises?

They have not stated Tides of War will be free, they have just said everyone will have access to the same modes and maps. Modes and maps is called multiplayer.

"EA hasn’t actually said how they will monetize Battlefield 5, however, there will be cosmetic items in the game which we could see free versions of cosmetic items and paid versions."

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MuddyWaters122d ago

If they are only cosmetic and don't impact how you play them I really don't care one way or another. The big whales can waste their money.

SierraGuy121d ago

Loot boxes will come later..

chrisx122d ago

"Microtransactions Will Be Cosmetic Only, No Lootboxes". I can imagine that was said with so much internal sadness.

ArchangelMike122d ago

Don't forget the line where they said you can purchase "premium currency." I'm sure the cost of items and boosters, and the grind need to acquire them will make up for the "no loot boxes"

CorndogBurglar122d ago

It's not pay to win and all microtransactions are cosmetic only. It's in the title.

The things you just mentioned would be pay to win.

Razmiran122d ago

Sure corn, EA said something IT MUST BE TRUE

CorndogBurglar122d ago

@ Razmiran

To be fair I don't know of a single time that EA outright lied. They might hold back information. But they've never said a game would have no pay to win MT's or loot crates and then stuck them in anyway. They've always been pretty straight forward with their shady tactics lol. Even it meant waiting until a beta to reveal it.

But there's no way they would come out and say no pay to win MT's and Loot Crates and all DLC is free, and then turn around not do that. Especially after the Battlefront 2 disaster.

I understand EA has done a lot to hurt their own reputation. But let's be realistic. They wouldn't go out of their way to announce these things and then go back on that. Thinking they would is kind of being stubborn. Again, I agree with being cautious. I am too. But that also means accepting what they announce. The second they do something different than what they said, bail on them. That's my plan.

But so far everything looks and sounds great for this game, and anything else is just speculation.

SenorFartCushion122d ago


They still win this way.

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