State of Decay 2 Renders At Dynamic 4K On Xbox One X, Runs At Unlocked 30 FPS

State of Decay 2 is out now for the Xbox One and Windows 10. It is developed by Undead Labs on Unreal Engine 4. The game also supports the enhanced hardware of the Xbox One X and seems to looks vastly superior on it by targeting a much higher resolution and improved visual effects.

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ArchangelMike146d ago

Does it really matter much if it renders at 4K but is full of game breaking bugs? Hopefully the will patch the game to get it up to release standard.

DarkVoyager146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

This games is a mess all around. Bugs and glitches aside, the game has subpar graphics and an unstable framerate. Xbox One has on average a 7fps advantage over Xbox One X.

145d ago
chiefJohn117145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

That 7fps isn't an advantage. It jumps up and down between 30-40. Vs 30-31 on the X. Stability is better than 7 extra unstable frames. I also wouldn't call the bugs game breaking either. You have weird "push off" and rare occurrence of clipping and thats about it

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darthv72146d ago

What kinds of game breaking bugs though? My friends who play it have not reported any that severe. bugs, yes but not game breaking level. More like strange graphical glitches but nothing outrageous.

Prettygoodgamer145d ago

Well the worst ones are where you fall through the earth or one of your companions do and they die because of it, you then lose a person from your group because the game is a buggy mess.

It happens often getting out of a car near something or driving around with friends and they don't sync properly they can just fall through the earth.

It's not rare.

paintedgamer1984145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Ever heard of TheAshenLuca? Shes a pro xbox supporter on youtube.

Its especially when ps or xb supporter claim an exclusive is shit... i take notice

Jinger145d ago


Played for 20 hours or so and that hasn't happened once. It's janky, but no glitches.

Are these from personal accounts or just from what you heard and saw of pre launch footage?

Doughhead145d ago

There are no game breaking ones. The game is a solid 7 and I've been playing it since the 18th. Little glitchy things here and there, but still very fun to play.

Prettygoodgamer145d ago


It's from personal game time and also videos all over YouTube of it happening, I've played for 8 hours game time and have lost 2 members due to them falling through the earth and dying.

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conanlifts145d ago

There are no game breaking bugs. Sure it has bugs that need patching but it has less bugs than the first and they are not game breaking.

Italiano1234567145d ago

Yes there is but theres a solution u have to delete the game then reinstall it

conanlifts145d ago

@Italiano Just curious is this to do with game pass games or any games? Sounds like the game pass install might be the issue, but I could be wrong.

Jinger145d ago

I must be lucky since I haven't ran into a single glitch

Italiano1234567145d ago

Idk i just know theres asome game breaking bugs and colteastwood suggested u delete then reinstall if u runs into that problem and u should be fine


I own the game an I haven’t seen a single GAME BREAKING bug. Care to explain?

j15reed145d ago

PS4 gamers always seem to come across the game breaking bugs in Xbox titles.

Aceman18145d ago

I dont think being in 4k matters when the graphics are beyond sh***ty lol, also man the xbox defense force is out in full effect here lol.

If ppl are putting up videos, and articles about experiencing game breaking bugs who the hell are you to discount what's happening to them.

I know plenty ppl here like to say how Sony fans are the worst, but it's time the xbox fanboys here take a hard look in the mirror because you guys have spent the last two months defending not one but two piece of s**t games on this site.

You let M$ get away with releasing games that lack any quality whatsoever. None of you xbox fanboys here have a leg to stand on imo.

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Razzer145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

At this point, who cares?

ocelot07145d ago

Anyone know what the PC version is like? Not tried it just yet.

Smokehouse145d ago

I’m playing on the one S and it’s fine. This isn’t the game that would get to me buy an x for the 4K lol. There isnt a game yet.

showtimefolks145d ago

Xbox defense force in full affect wiyk disagrees. Instead of being active with disagrees how ackir become more active and having your voices heard abs demand better games

Getting slaughtered in sales and software support by ps4. So much for the beast. Truly a beast that plays old games because newer games aren't that many and the ones getting released are below average

I guess every YouTuber
Every reviewer
Every gamer

Who are calling the game breaking bugs and glitches are all hating on Xbox and the elite select few on n4g know better

Xbox brand has become sorry. That's coming from someone who liked original Xbox. Under Phil xvoz grave has become worst and its truly saddening because Phil has developer background

81BX145d ago

Thanks for sharing. Your opinion has been noted.

TheColbertinator145d ago

I know,right? Really hoped to hear the thoughts of showtimefolks.

chiefJohn117145d ago

Since it concerns you why don't you go on Twitter and write Mr.Phil a long post lol

darthv72145d ago

How about it being more of a case of every person experiences things differently. since there is no consistency in where or when the bugs happen, it is completely random.

Is it not possible for someone to play through a game and not experience the same glitch that another person has? That does not mean that person is wrong or should be disagreed with. it just means they did not experience the same thing.

I am sure you and others are capable of understanding that.

rainslacker144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Maybe their definition of game breaking is different than industry or community standard. Game breaking is anything that breaks the game's normal progression, or where you have to go to extra effort to move on from whatever you are doing.

Some examples, some cited in this game, and others things that I've experienced elsewhere or heard about.

-Things like dying by falling through the world
-Getting stuck in the environment
-Not being able to get out of stealth, and having to roll out of stealth hence potentially changing the outcome of whatever it is you were doing, is supposed to happen.
-Dying and not being able to restart a check point.
-Not being able to use a weapon because inputs aren't registered properly during the game loop

I think some people are mistaking the term "game breaking" to mean anything that crashes the game or prevents progressing further. While the latter does have something to do with it, game breaking is technically anything that changes the normal operation of the game itself. Some bugs aren't severe, and do not hinder progression, but they do change actual game play in some way. Other bugs are just cosmetic, or cause some minor strange things to happen, but don't significantly affect the game at all.


While true it's possible to play a game and not experience the same bugs as someone else, there are some here who insist that the game doesn't have any bugs, or that the bugs that do exist are so minor they're hardly worth mentioning. This is contrary to numerous reports and actual videos of these things happening. If there was just some random reports of bugs, then it's probably not worth even considering, because we could literally do that with every game nowadays, and it often isn't that big of a deal.

Given the amount of bugs reported and exhibited with the game, it's hard to believe that a person who plays it hasn't experienced at least one of these significant bugs. Maybe not with any frequency, and maybe not the most serious ones, but it's unlikely they're lucky enough to not at any time replicate the bug in some way, since many of the kinds of bugs reported are typically easily replicable and known about during production before release.

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