Here are the new Xbox Game Pass Quests for November 2022

Xbox Game Pass Quests recently reset for the month of November. So if you try to collect as many Microsoft Rewards points as possible, there's a new set available now.

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Deathdeliverer86d ago

This should hold everyone off until the next big release. I love me some reward points! [sarcasm]

JBplusVB86d ago

Gamepass has changed everything. Phil, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for Gamepass. I just bought 50 years worth of subscription and I'm so happy.

CBaoth86d ago

Riiight! Thanks to GP I've discovered hundreds of indie fillers I would've never known about otherwise. Best part: team Xbox has discovered how great walking sims and interactive movies really are! And EA Play? Love me some 4 year old sports games!! Why sub up though? Just let MS auto renew that incredible $14.99 a month value. It's so easy!!

JBplusVB86d ago

Gamepass is just so amazing. Adding EA play to it brought the service to a whole nother level. Phil Spencer has the brightest mind in gaming. By far.....