Xbox Store Countdown Sale: Over 1000 Games On Sale

Daily Video Game writes: "Today, Xbox Store has just kicked off its annual Countdown sale, offering big discounts on over 1000 games, such as Quantum Break, Cuphead, Elden Ring, and many more, for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One gamers right now!"

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rlow194d ago

Hell of a lot of games that’s for sure.

MadLad94d ago

Grabbed Styx:Shards of Darkness. Played the original but never got to the sequel.
Also grabbed Dog Duty and Sleeping Dogs just because they were cheap and why not?

Might grab a few others before the sale is done. Almost grabbed the pack of AC Syndicate, 4, and Unity, but none of the games got an fps/resolution boost so I'm just sticking to my PC copies.

wiegraf94d ago

I believe Unity did get an FPS boost patch.

StarkR3ality94d ago

Yeah it did, still looks amazing even now and that's running at the orignal 900p on Xbox one. It's a 4K patch away from being on par with recent releases, was way ahead of it's time.


Playing through Sleeping Dogs now. Picked it up during the Black Friday sale. Best $5 I’ve ever spent! FPS Boost and Auto HDR make it so much more of an enjoyable experience than when I initially played it!

ZeekQuattro94d ago

Star Ocean is looking nice at that price. Might have to buy it though it will be a while before I get around to playing it.

DivineHand12594d ago

Dragons Dogma is there for less than $5. If anyone is looking for an epic swords and sorcery rpg with a class system I highly recommend it.

93d ago