State of Decay 2 is full of existential dread—and frustrating bugs | The Daily Dot

State of Decay 2 is simply so full of bugs that it would make even Bethesda on a bad day blush, and it routinely puts a damper on its players’ investment, whether it be through architectural glitches, poor A.I. (like in the case of Mandy), or just a failure to load the appropriate materials to finish an objective.

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paintedgamer1984246d ago

6.0 is far too kind for this abomination. When playing mp if that game freezes or stops playing properly... even at the menu... we are talking broken game scores. 3-5

81BX246d ago

Weird I have been playing mp. Haven't had this issue yet. I wonder if it's host connection?

81BX246d ago

Call it what you want but I haven't. I did mention in another article I have screen tearing in mp and recently I sometimes can't see what is built in my friends base. My comment still stands

paintedgamer1984246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Quit with the bullshit and damage control. 95% of reviews are saying how bad this game is... But dont take their word for it, how about a pro xbox youtube podcast

She only has 10 thumbs down. I thought the xbox community was going to burn her at the stake.

meka2611244d ago

Yep same here but sony fans think we are lying, go figure. Have you gotten any legacy missions done yet?

81BX244d ago

@meka not yet
The game is fun but definitely needs an update.

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Prince_TFK246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Does this game hurt your feeling man? It seem like every MS games make you go mad.

paintedgamer1984246d ago

If you spent 1,000's like i have on ms bullshit you would be mad too. Does your mommy and daddy buy all your games?

OffRoadKing246d ago

The people who should feel hurt are the xbox loyalist that are being treated like fools and second class gamers, instead of defending this kind of trash you should be mad and demanding more from them, but whatever.

antz1104244d ago

Have you played it? That's a serious question btw.

BLKxSEPTEMBER246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

So I’ve been playing since launch and at first it ran smooth with little to no glitches but after a few days in I can honestly say that this game should have been delayed. I’ve have numerous network errors while playing with my friends, just a hour ago I couldn’t even climb a ladder.

When I’m in the passenger seat of a car I can’t open doors with the X button to smack zombies because the game won’t register my input. There’s screen tearing and the reflection from the flash light will cause an epileptic seizure. I don’t even wanna get started on the zombies randomly disappearing or getting drug across the map.

These are just the few of many bugs I’ve found yet I STILL enjoy the game.

meka2611244d ago

See that's weird cuz I'm the opposite. First day I played I noticed done graphical glitches, but now I don't really see any. Played most of yesterday with my buddies and only online glitch we had was the stash disappeared for them.

OnDec76246d ago

Yet another Gamepass failure. If Crackdown 3 is a bust I will cancel my service

OnDec76246d ago

Dreamcastguy has the best Youtube Video showing many many many and did I say many game breaking bugs, the game is a "glitchy buggy mess"

ConsoleGamer246d ago

If games of that kind are the future of xbox then .... Even the diehards won't suck up and damage control shite like this, sea of thieves and probably crackdown 3 forever.