State Of Decay 2: The Kotaku Review

It’s easy to get in over your head in the open-world zombie survival game State of Decay 2.

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salmonade207d ago

"State of Decay 2, to be released May 22 for Windows and Xbox One, is buggier than a hot summer night in Louisiana. Even after a 6 GB update that came in while I was mid-review, I experienced freezes, disappearing and invisible NPCs, and many moments where I had to restart or relaunch. "

That is simply not acceptable. They should have delayed this game to make sure it was in an acceptable state for consumers.

UCForce207d ago

I have to agree with you on that one.

BiggerBoss206d ago

Yeah, it's kind of ridiculous that this game was in development for FIVE years, and it's still releasing in this state.

Does Microsoft even have quality control anymore??

morganfell206d ago

God of War and Detroit Become Human say they had to ship now. Its inexcusable really.

combatcash206d ago

Sounds like a mess, sucks I was looking forward to giving this a go. Guess Detroit Become human will take it's place. Glad I own both consoles although as of late Xbox has been disappointing.

RememberThe357206d ago

MS continues to show us how important quality is to them...

XbladeTeddy206d ago

It's not acceptable at all. This has been such a waste of time for me on the X. It has frame pacing issues so it has a weird stutter going on and it looks like crap, why did I even buy an X for? After 15 mins playing I had enough of the performance. Waste of money, waste of time. I even got the collectors edition because I'm a fool. The stuff is nice but the game, which is what matters, is an unoptimized piece of shit.

81BX206d ago

Haven't had any game breaking bugs yet but there is screen tearing while playing mp. So far I rate it 7 to 7.5

darthv72206d ago

The disagrees say you are lying and not playing the same game the reviewers, that give it a 5 or lower, have played.

Although.... I have several friends who have played it and they too have not ran into major glitches either. They are having to much fun to really notice.

Go figure.

fenome206d ago

Personal experiences and what not, go figure.

RememberThe357206d ago

It's also the purpose of a critic to be critical. I didn't mind the imput lag in KZ2, that's doesn't mean it wasn't a problem.

Bugs and such don't bother some people, and I know there have been games that were just so fun I didn't care if I had to restart it every once in a while. But it also helps folks narrow down what they want to invest in, and if one game is buggier than the other than that's useful info for them. And isn't that the whole purpose of reviews anyway?

UCForce206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

But few of you are lucky, but most of consumers aren’t lucky so much. Hellblade was more polished and it was AA game so is Rachet and Clank which was also fun and polished game. I’m sorry, but those two AA games are much better than State Of Decay 2 especially those two games didn’t have much issues at launch.

nucky64206d ago

darth, I'd say you're friends are very lucky. it seems they've managed to get their hands on working copies of the game while the devs (who made the game) sent reviewers very buggy code to review.
kinda odd, huh?

BiggerBoss206d ago


Are you suggesting that ALL of these reviews are lying? Seriously?

darthv72206d ago

No boss.... I'm suggesting that if you go into it looking for fun you may just find it despite bugs.

If you go into it looking for bugs then thats all you will obsess over and miss out on the fun.

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conanlifts206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

I would actually rate it 9 so far ( personal opinion that will get me many downvotes). But then i really liked the first. This is a fantastic game for me and not buggy so far either. Not tried mp yet though.

YEP414206d ago

I rate it a 8!! It’s your on opinion

BeardedDrachen206d ago

Currently a 68 on Metacritic.

paintedgamer1984206d ago

This def needed to be delayed... The fact is, ms prob couldnt even afford to delay this AA game any further or they would have. That must be nerve racking to know that youre about to release a huge fat turd with so many issues right after Sea of Thieves. Say what you will about sot but at least that damn game plays well.

I would have much rather them cancel this than ScaleBound... At least we know for damn sure that game would have been AAA quality... could have been boring af but at least it would have had high polish and high production values.

doggo84206d ago

I'm sorry, you can say what you want, but the bottom line is that Xbox's gaming library is lacklustre. I haven't switched on my xbox one once in the last year.

This was going to be the game that would make me pick up the xbox controller again, but it looks like another cheap, half baked flop. Much like Sea of thieves. and frankly it is reaching a stage where enough is enough.

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