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God of War Review | Paste Magazine

God of War doesn't quite solve the Kratos problem. The fighting is pretty great, though.

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Community2245d ago
JaguarEvolved2245d ago

Disregard this. It's pure rubbish

AmstradAmiga2245d ago

It seemed well written but I couldn't quite understand why only 7.5. It's not a 10/10 game for me either mind.

NecrumOddBoy2245d ago

I am really blown away by the scale of this game. I've popped only 4 of the main line story trophies so far and I think I'm about 15 hours in. I haven't scratched much off and I keep finding more and more. This OPEN LINEAR design is brilliant and a welcomed style. This is a truly hand crafted world to the "T" and everything has been brilliantly created. It's a masterpiece to me!

S2Killinit2245d ago

Me too. Ive never felt the way i felt in the first fight at his house, im also barely at the begining but man, im so impressed. The only other time a game impressed me this much was The Last of Us, and Shenmue I before that.

UltraNova2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

@necrum & s2k,

Damn right. I think this open-linear direction is what we need right now to get our minds off the dreaded open world grind/fatigue. GoW is a shining example of hand crafted level design. I constantly find my self veering away from the main objective marker while forgetting all about the main story; yes the exploring in this game is almost on par with the main stuff, its that good and rewarding (and hard as F* sometimes).

I think this is the best game I've played in years...only bloodborne comes close. I love it so much that I've bought a second copy to gift it to my nephew. Well deserved Santa Monica, well deserved.

Edit: Oh about this review, well didn't they noticed that the time to post "that" review has passed? Pathetic trolling attempt...

morganfell2244d ago

"n4g, the only place you can say you think a game is great and people crap all over it."

Really? Are you sure? Get a computer and try this place called the internet. You will see far worse.

Also there is something to be said for getting gut punched when you come into a situation where you know the lay of the land and decide to kick sand on people. Stop acting as if you were praising the game. I know you are not anti-PS4. At least you did not used to be. You said you played through The Order twice and hoped for a sequel. Still, you should know better.

See that guy in the news a day ago that went to Peru and insulted local people even though he said he really loved the culture? So he razzed on their religion and their local shaman was killed and they blamed him? Odds are he didn't shoot the shaman but someone took the opportunity to push the blame on him. See that? I'm an atheist but there are just some things common sense says, don't be surprised when you do A and B and then C happens. Had he not insulted the religion there in their face he would have been okay. You actually do not get to complain at that point because you should have known.

GoW is being universally hailed. Not just by fans but by other developers. Even Microsoft has applauded the game. What do you really expect? I do not personally dislike you but let's be serious. You are being naive if your surprise is the least bit genuine.

2244d ago
hamburgerhill2244d ago

Morgan....You gotta be kidding right? Killed the shaman 🤔? That is a crazy story if true and I feel bad for the man. I'm against all of these false religions including Christianity ( I'm not an atheist) but keep my thoughts to myself. Hopefully he wasn't involved and they set him free.

morganfell2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )


The guy when down there to study local medicines but had a habit of poking at religions (which I think are absolutely evil 99% of the time) He offended the locals. He had been there for a while. The other day someone shot and killed the local shaman. He was blamed since he was a newcomer and had made light of their beliefs. There were supposed eyewitnesses but we know how that works sometimes. The shooting was completely out of character for him but he was blamed and lynched. They dragged him through the streets by his neck and killed him.


2244d ago
indysurfn2244d ago

Do we need an x1x or a x1f with graphics like this?!

This is the problem with xbox one. It will not get the top exclusives it will only get games that are on all platforms.

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n1kki62245d ago

I have to be honest. I jus finished the game, and I do not understand the masterpiece 10s. I certainly enjoyed it, but mechanically and story wise it's not doing anything that hasn't been done before. The visuals are amazing however. I think it's a great game, but I'm not seeing a universal 10.

Obelisk922245d ago

Narratively and graphically the game is naughty-dog level, if not better.
I can agree with you on the scores though.

But 7.5 is a joke.

n1kki62245d ago

Depends how you look at it, yes in a review industry where most outlets only use 7-10, yes, then 7.5 is a joke. But if the gaming industry would mature and actually use 0-10 instead of 7-10 then a 7.5 would be a good score. That said, relatively speaking yes, I think 7.5 is a bit low. For me personally I would say it's like an 8.5. Right now we have reviewers who pick and choose when they are going to review as fans, and when they are going to review as critics.

Muzikguy2245d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I’m confused a little bit. Why should games do something new to be good? I see people say things like that a lot and it makes no sense to me

n1kki62245d ago

I don't think they need to do anything new all the time. I also said, it's a great game, I really enjoyed it. But I think in order to be a 10 it should be cohesively one of the greatest games of all time, which these scores are indicating. In this example I don't think it's the greatest game of all time. I think it's a great game. The reviews I've read do not seem to align with the game I played. Although it comes together nicely, I am missing the masterpiece. Again, I think it's a great game, but for some, simply thinking a game is great isn't good enough.

n1kki62245d ago

In the example of god of war we aren't talking about games need to do something new to be good. It's a good game, a great game even, but a masterpiece. I don't think so. Nobody ever said games need to do something new to be good.

SuperSaiyanGod412245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

I can say the samething about the last gta game, Zelda and Mario games. Though they were great games, nothing in those games blew me away like the god of war bosses, even the story in god of war and the graphics we're better than any of those games yet those are sitting at 97 metacritic. Everyone has their own opinions but what i wrote down about god of war are facts.

Pancit_Canton2245d ago

If I have to nit pick the flaws of this game. I would give this game a 9.5/10.

But I would give this game a final verdict 10/10. I would add another 0.5 on my previous verdict of 9.5 for 3 reasons

1) SSM have the balls to reinvent such an inconic character like Kratos and resurrect a stale franchise to it's amazing form. Sure, it might not have an "innovative mechanics" but it works well with the new GOW.

2) A complete single player experience (enough said)

3) No microtransaction and other BS

TKCMuzzer2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

Do you say that about Mario? or Mario Kart? or Zelda? I doubt it. Mario keeps getting high scores yet the stupid plumber keeps getting his Mrs kidnapped. No one ever goes, oh Mario, that story is old, or its just more jumping and collecting. One rule for one and another rule for someone else.
Go on guys put your head on and think, what can games really do that has not been done before?

tontontam02245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

"but I'm not seeing a universal 10"

what??? are you telling me you are the universe and you are the all and powerful gaming Gaming critique who has the powerful power to bestow a universal score which is absolute?

going by your logic no game deserves a 10 because for it to have a score of universal 10 everyone in the planet should like it.

n1kki62245d ago Show
Muzikguy2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

“mechanically and story wise it's not doing anything that hasn't been done before“

This is what I’m talking about and it has been said with games before. Games do NOT need to do anything new just to be good. There’s really not much a game could do that hasn’t been done before if you sit and think about it. If people would stop trying to reinvent or revolutionize gaming they’d probably see that there are plenty of awesome games already out there.


Not to mention of a score was universal there would be even more of these articles crying for the sake of it.

Xx_Pistol_xX2245d ago

So what in your opinion is a game that is worth a 10/10?

SuperSaiyanGod412245d ago

For me games like mgs, mgs4, bloodborne, gears of war, uncharted 2, the last of us, horizon zero Dawn, and the latest god of war all deserved those 10's because at the time of their releases they pushed gaming to new heights and set the bar high in almost every phase of the game. Not just gameplay, but every aspect of the game.