Could The Next God of War Be A Woman?

No, this is not another woke idea. It’s not clickbait. And no, it’s not meant to be controversial. Stay with me, and I’ll convince you why having a woman as the protagonist of a God of War game (after Ragnarok) would be a great idea.

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SinisterMister143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Misleading title. Article talks about a female God of War accompanying Kratos and Atreus, not replacing Kratos with one.

-Foxtrot142d ago

Which is silly aswell considering we have Freya who might not be a God of War but she's fantastic in her role as a companion.

LordoftheCritics141d ago

Freya is great.

Having another God of war dilutes god of war.

Dynisty142d ago

It definitely speaks about replacing or taking over from Kratos too.

anast142d ago

It doesn't matter, just make the best game possible.

InUrFoxHole141d ago

They're just following the data. Most of Sony's gamers are feminine so they need a gender they can relate to.

anast141d ago

That's cool, I like gaming so if they make a good character then I'll enjoy the game. It's doesn't matter the phenotype or the sex or gender of the character, I just want good games.

Mothman1984142d ago

Of course, as long as the game title will "Goddess of War". Such game is actually already in development. It's called Wonder Woman.

bababooiy141d ago

The media today are so desperate to shove female leads into every franchise, its pathethic honestly.

Eonjay140d ago

Honestly this is hogwash. I'm not at a loss for male leads Most of the games I play have male leads. It is anti-intellectual to say that the male leads have disappeared because they haven't. We should have an assortment of each. I don't know where the anti-woman thing comes from but it doesn't make you any more of a man. Its just weird at this point.

jwillj2k4141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Goddess has a sexual/inferior connotation/ stereotype so they definitely won’t be using that word. Just like we don’t hear the word actress anymore everyone’s an actor.

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DragoonUS142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Fuck no! Enough of Daddy of war..bring kratos back. I would rather have Loki fighting Kratos as a villain and slaying him. than see kratos becoming even more secondary in his own game

SinisterMister141d ago

"than see kratos becoming even more secondary in his own game"

right on the goddamn money.