What If The Next God Of War Was A Woman?

What if one of the most masculine gaming franchises out there decided to include a female protagonist? What if the God of War himself was joined by a battle-hardened playable female character? What if the next God of War introduced a new female hero to accompany Kratos and Atreus on their bloody adventure? What if the next God of War was a woman?

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salmonade887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

It would only be one of the worst ideas in gaming. There is only one God Of War and it's Kratos.

Eonjay886d ago

Well technically his son can't be the God of War because *spoilers*. And technically the last game makes a point to explain the there are more than one God of Wars... but yes there is no replacing Kratos.

Honestly, a more realistic article would ask if the could see Atreus filling his dad shoes in a later game.

Rimeskeem886d ago

You would know that is not true if you played the game ;)

bouzebbal885d ago

We have Atreus, taking over from Kratos. And with that shocker announcement he made at the end of the game on the true him, we can only look forward to what is yet to come

Ratchet75885d ago

I think atreus will become evil and Kratos will fight him at the end.
A true Greek tragedy.

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ShinRon885d ago

youre half right, Kratos is definitely not the only god of war ever tho as he took the title from Ares.

FanboyPolice885d ago

And also Atreus, and Ares. Actually there have been a few

CorndogBurglar885d ago

Atreus literally can't be a God of War...

ChrisW885d ago

Ares (Mars) is the only true God of War I recognize

Smokehouse885d ago

And Odin the Norse god of war. Kratos will always be the Greek god of war because he’s the only Greek god left, his son is a demigod. Kratos is the Greek god of everything really lol.

ChrisW885d ago

Odin? Really? You need to read a little more up on your Norse mythology...

Smokehouse884d ago

Yes Odin is a god of war. I have read a bunch on Norse mythology lol. Google it my dude. I have also seen Tyr and Freya be called god of war as well. My point is that the god of war doesn’t only exist in Greek mythology. The god of war exists in most mythologies.

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TechnoGoat885d ago

You do know what a "what if" scenario means right? If Kratos was a woman it wouldn't be the worst Idea in gaming, cause that would of been the Idea from the start..

syphon32885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

I hear you but... dem tittiesssssss though

DarXyde885d ago

I didn't realize God of War was going for mythological accuracy...

Pretty much anyone can be a God of War, provided they have the lineage and they're not already God of something else.

Orionsangel885d ago

What if I basically said this 3 days ago and they stole my thought??

CanadianTurtle885d ago

They already tried it. It's called Heavenly Sword (PS3)

rainslacker885d ago

A good title on its own right. But she wasn't a god.

thorstein885d ago

So. There are no godesses of war? Wow. How uninformed can you be?

Daeloki884d ago

There was a post about a Kratos genderbend cosplay a few days ago, and there someone jokingly mentioned a plot idea along the lines of "What if Kratos pissed off some witch who turned him into a woman, and he would have to go on a quest to change himself back."

Personally, I don't think Kratos would care one way or another, and I think it could be a fun change, even if only temporary, a female Kratos would be just as badass. Not to mention how hilarious it would be to see Atreus's and Mimir's reactions

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mandf886d ago

Can anything in today's society just be as it is?

FanboyPolice885d ago

No. The base of continuing improving is to change stuff. If God of War wouldn't change, we would be stuck with the same GoW from PS2.

Brave_Losers_Unite885d ago


Really? Triggered that much? Relax man

Shikoku885d ago

You literally just made the dumbest argument I've seen on here obviously this person meant not changing the character's gender for the sake of doing it.

Legatus885d ago

"The base of continuing improving is to change stuff."

Yeah, but changing from Kratos to some female just to pander SJWs and feminazis is not improving, it's actually quite the opposite.

CanadianTurtle885d ago

Changing the protagonist's gender does not equal "improvement."

thorstein885d ago

You riled the snowflakes. They are pretty angry that someone might disturb their carefully manufactured fantasies.

885d ago
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TechnoGoat885d ago

Today's society is ass, and you'd like to keep it that way?

PowerOfTheCloud885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

No it really isn't. While surely not perfect, Western societies are one of the big achievements of mankind.But It is mostly people who blame others for their own flaws and failures who try to present themselves as victims and make it seem like they live under some kind of tyranny while they were born in a place and time with almost unlimited freedom.

MisterLou885d ago

What if Zelda was a woman?

jojo319885d ago

@mandf best comment of the day.

mandf885d ago

Let's say link was a girl. Zelda on nes was my favorite game of all time. 30 years later we wouldn't need to make link a man just to appease someone.

If kratos started a women so be it. We wouldn't need to make kratos a man to massage someone's sense of worth or envy because the baddest character of all time is a man or woman.

CanadianTurtle885d ago


Epic fail on your part. I hope you were being sarcastic.

rainslacker885d ago

If kratos started as a woman, the question would never be asked about if she were made a man.

memots885d ago

was it assigned at birth base on predetermined standard of a patriarchal society?
yeah its never ending with these idiots.

mogwaii885d ago

What if you grew a brain?

MisterLou884d ago

@mogwaii What if you sucked my D?

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ArchangelMike886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

Well to be fair they could do a spin-off for Faye. She's a goddess and 'giant' after all. Sort of a prequel to God of War ***spoilers*** before she died. She obviously went on a quest and left all those yellow hand markers for Kratos and Atreus to follow. Also it could connect the story to why Baldur came to Kratos in that first encounter expecting to see one of the giants. That might be a cool concept.

Buy yeah, Kratos is Kratos - alpha male, demi-god, unstoppable force of rage and testosterone. Go make your own female character, and leave Kratos alone :)

-Foxtrot886d ago

I’d like to see Faye or even Freya

conanlifts885d ago (Edited 885d ago )


Do you think Freya will be the enemy in the next God of war

AspiringProGenji885d ago

Probably, or she would put the Vanir gods againts Kratos at least

solideagle885d ago


I think she will join Odin/Thor to take revenge but she is soft hearted and change in the middle of battle...

ShadowWolf712885d ago

Bro, there is no way in Hell she would willingly rejoin Odin. Or that Odin's paranoid behind would let her.

Kashima886d ago

Don't mind as long plays like the old GoWs

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Fritzwochel885d ago

I don't mind as long as we get a nude mod

Silly gameAr885d ago (Edited 885d ago )


But, if the GOW is female, aren't you afraid that it will be censored? /s

Kashima885d ago

Western games don't get censored

annoyedgamer886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

Considering the high levels of misogyny and sexism in gaming, removing all male heroes would be a good idea to show cishet straight white males they no longer have control of the hobby. I say make God of War a female, Gears of War and Uncharted should be next as well. All these fandoms are is a breeding area for toxic masculinity anyways.

Sciurus_vulgaris886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

Toxic masculinity seems to be nothing more than “catch all” term thrown around by SJWs to demean males. If there is such a thing as “toxic masculinity” its counterpart “toxic femininity” must also exist. How do the games Gears of War, Uncharted and God of War breed toxic masculinity? Also, there playable female characters in Gears and Uncharted. Gears 5 will have female lead and Uncharted: The Lost Legagcy was also female lead.

Sirk7x885d ago

Don't feed the troll lol. Don't do it.

smashman98885d ago

Lol were supposed to ignore dumb comments my brother.

885d ago
SegaGamer886d ago

This is up there with the worst things I have ever read on here. People like you are ruining entertainment by trying to make it political instead of what it was intended to

If anybody is toxic, it's people like you.

thorstein885d ago

This entire comment's section is up there with the worst things I have read on here.

Such dumbassery

salmonade886d ago

You must be joking. I mean I know you're a self loathing member of the LGBT community, but I really believe you don't believe what you just posted at all. It's kind of stupid really. Anyway, continue on friend.

gamer7804885d ago

I'm being honest here, are you just being sarcastic? I really can't tell if this is what you actually believe...

conanlifts885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

No, sexism is not the answer. The answer lies in creating new characters like Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn.
As for uncharted, they have with Nadine.

KickSpinFilter885d ago

Exactly, Aloy was a kick ass character

AnubisG885d ago

Exactly! The answer is crearing new characters and not replacing existing ones for the sake of social justice. I said this before, I don't want the next Kratos to be a woman just as much as I don't want the next Lara Croft to be a man.

kneon885d ago


Changing Kratos to suddenly be female would be silly. But what if he finally retires (not dead of course as he has a long track record of not staying dead for long :) ), couldn't we then have a new female character take over as the God of War? It's a title after all, not an individual person.

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prankster101885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

Given that men created gaming... what has women's contribution been, apart from crying rampant sexism and misogyny, despite the plethora of readily available tools being made available that readily enable them to go out there and make their own shitty games?

All the fcuktard women and SJWs who cry about this stuff should maybe put aside their victim mentality for a second, download a copy of Unity, and actually take the time to learn / craft good games. Maybe then they can dispense with their gender-based victimhood claptrap, and be judged according to meritocratic principles in a market that actually favours good games - irrespective of what gender the creator is.

And yes, I have watched Atlita. And played Beyond Good And Evil. Both great products starring strong women. Not these weak-ass women that the media loves to "champion".

Weakness is not a strength.

Araragifeels 885d ago

And this is the reason why I dislike people bringing their agenda into our entertainment. Entertainment should be a place where is a safe zone from politics, religion, and extreme ideas from group of people. This is why I love Japan developers, they don't give two crap about politics, agenda or religion since the only that matters is making a great product and making profit. As a Latino, keep your ideas for yourself.

Brave_Losers_Unite885d ago

Yeah sure buddy. Thats why they censor all of their porn. The Japanese version of Resident Evil 2 remake also reduces gore. Dont be so blind loving for Japan

Araragifeels 885d ago

@Brave_Losers_Unite First thing, I don't care about Japan porn industry and I don't care about censor Japanese games since I don't play games for nudity but for the story, action and to have fun. Second thing, outside of Japan, Resident Evil 2 Remake doesn't have any reduce gore. I don't love anything that comes out of Japan but I respect how they don't care about Western politics, agenda and religion. And that they don't applied these to their culture and Entertainment.

Shikoku885d ago

Sorry snowflake but as your sexist ass put it "straight white males" still are the hobby, we are still the majority and if projections continue we will be the hobby for a few more decades. Most "straight white male" gamers I know are fine with females, homosexuals and people of color in games. What we aren't ok with is the bullshit you just shit out and especially when it's forced into a game narrative in obvious ways where it isn't needed or intended to be or when a character is changed from male to female or sexual orientation is change just to fit in with the counter culture cool kids. The misogyny and sexism being shown right now? Is your own.

885d ago
notachance885d ago

this is why you can't ever "win" lol, changing established things is not the way to do it.

go make your own all-new masterpiece games, that's how you "win"

UltraNova885d ago

This is all sorts of fucked up and derailed.

MODs when ever you're ready...