What If The Next God Of War Was A Woman?

What if one of the most masculine gaming franchises out there decided to include a female protagonist? What if the God of War himself was joined by a battle-hardened playable female character? What if the next God of War introduced a new female hero to accompany Kratos and Atreus on their bloody adventure? What if the next God of War was a woman?

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salmonade1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

It would only be one of the worst ideas in gaming. There is only one God Of War and it's Kratos.

Eonjay1916d ago

Well technically his son can't be the God of War because *spoilers*. And technically the last game makes a point to explain the there are more than one God of Wars... but yes there is no replacing Kratos.

Honestly, a more realistic article would ask if the could see Atreus filling his dad shoes in a later game.

Rimeskeem1916d ago

You would know that is not true if you played the game ;)

bouzebbal1915d ago

We have Atreus, taking over from Kratos. And with that shocker announcement he made at the end of the game on the true him, we can only look forward to what is yet to come

Ratchet751914d ago

I think atreus will become evil and Kratos will fight him at the end.
A true Greek tragedy.

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ShinRon1915d ago

youre half right, Kratos is definitely not the only god of war ever tho as he took the title from Ares.

FanboyPolice1915d ago

And also Atreus, and Ares. Actually there have been a few

CorndogBurglar1915d ago

Atreus literally can't be a God of War...

ChrisW1914d ago

Ares (Mars) is the only true God of War I recognize

Smokehouse1914d ago

And Odin the Norse god of war. Kratos will always be the Greek god of war because he’s the only Greek god left, his son is a demigod. Kratos is the Greek god of everything really lol.

ChrisW1914d ago

Odin? Really? You need to read a little more up on your Norse mythology...

Smokehouse1913d ago

Yes Odin is a god of war. I have read a bunch on Norse mythology lol. Google it my dude. I have also seen Tyr and Freya be called god of war as well. My point is that the god of war doesn’t only exist in Greek mythology. The god of war exists in most mythologies.

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TechnoGoat1915d ago

You do know what a "what if" scenario means right? If Kratos was a woman it wouldn't be the worst Idea in gaming, cause that would of been the Idea from the start..

syphon321914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

I hear you but... dem tittiesssssss though

DarXyde1914d ago

I didn't realize God of War was going for mythological accuracy...

Pretty much anyone can be a God of War, provided they have the lineage and they're not already God of something else.

Orionsangel1914d ago

What if I basically said this 3 days ago and they stole my thought?? https://i.imgur.com/ytQqzNL...

CanadianTurtle1914d ago

They already tried it. It's called Heavenly Sword (PS3)

rainslacker1914d ago

A good title on its own right. But she wasn't a god.

thorstein1914d ago

So. There are no godesses of war? Wow. How uninformed can you be?

Daeloki1914d ago

There was a post about a Kratos genderbend cosplay a few days ago, and there someone jokingly mentioned a plot idea along the lines of "What if Kratos pissed off some witch who turned him into a woman, and he would have to go on a quest to change himself back."

Personally, I don't think Kratos would care one way or another, and I think it could be a fun change, even if only temporary, a female Kratos would be just as badass. Not to mention how hilarious it would be to see Atreus's and Mimir's reactions

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mandf1916d ago

Can anything in today's society just be as it is?

FanboyPolice1915d ago

No. The base of continuing improving is to change stuff. If God of War wouldn't change, we would be stuck with the same GoW from PS2.