15 Powerful Gods Kratos Could Face In God of War 6

After virtually annihilating the entire Greek pantheon, Kratos (who is voiced by Christopher Judge) and his son Atreus (voiced by Sunny Suljic) are in dire need of new challengers and new realms to conquer in God of War 6.

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Nacho_Z167d ago

I think it'll have to be set in Egypt. It's the only place with a recognisable set of gods ready to go. I don't see them using anyone obscure they'll want characters well known in pop culture.

The setting also lends itself well to the series visually and would be a welcome change from snowy landscapes.

Rocketisleague167d ago

Ragnorok pointed to Egypt already?

Nacho_Z167d ago

Makes sense, I haven't finished it yet so wouldn't know.

S2Killinit166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

How about German.? I bet they have some wicked gods. There is also Persian, but theirs is not one with many gods but one god with two sides as far as I understand it. They do have a lot of mythical heroes and “divs”. There is also Japanese gods and demons from shintoism.

Santouryuu166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

I cant delete my own reply..

purple101167d ago

You are right I looked into it, ( a very short google search)

There are other sets of gods like the Indian ones And this setting would be ripe for a game landscape but as you say, the gods are not recognisable to lots of people.

There are Native American set of gods-
And that landscape would also be ripe for a game , but But there not recognisable either

Egypt it is

Psychonaut85167d ago

(Spoiler) when you fight Tyr repeatedly in Valhalla, he pulls out what looks to be Egyptian Kopis blades for one fight, what I believe are Mayan obsidian edged swords for another, and what looks like a Chinese dao (or maybe a heavily stylized) katana. I feel like maybe those are teasers for possible settings

Rocketisleague167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

There are...alot of references to Tyr travelling to Egypt in both games. In the recent DLC there are pyramids in the background of valhalla. I'm gonna take a guess it'll be Egypt with all the references, I would like to see some eastern ones myself but Egypt seems the most likely candidate. Would love a shinto one if there weren't so many Japanese mythology based games already.

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gold_drake167d ago

a egypt setting would be siiick

their mythology is the most interesting

darthv72167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I can see them going with Egyptian, but the only issue would be... how? The Norse mythology takes place in the iron age, same as the Greek. After in fact, but Egyptian mythology takes place even earlier in the bronze age. They would have to create some sort of time travel narrative so Kratos could go back several thousand years to deal with the likes of Ra, Seth, Anubus, and Osiris.

I know its a game, they can do pretty much whatever they want but having two game mythologies in the right order would seem to mean they would try to keep that order. So after the iron age comes the late antiquity age which is where Arabian and Slavic mythologies are part. Neither of which are as well known as something like Egyptian.

Nacho_Z167d ago

I take your point, but if there was a cutscene which went "what's that, some kind of portal!?" and then Kratos appears in ancient Egypt personally I wouldn't question it or care in the slightest.

MehmetAlperTR167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Please go to Egypt... Enough of norse...

isarai167d ago

Nah do something new, I acknowledge they are good games but I just want to see SSM tackle a new IP

jznrpg165d ago

Rumors are Cory Barlog has been on working on one for sometime now

Psychonaut85164d ago

Yeah I think he even hinted at it himself, and him not being primary director on Ragnarok would seem to bear that out. I love his work, would be so cool to see a new IP from Santa Monica with him at the helm.

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Xbox Needs to Embrace PlayStation and Nintendo for Sustainability

Ybarra, who spent two decades at Microsoft, acknowledged concerns about the future of Xbox hardware by fans once more first-party games go multiplatform.

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ThinkThink9h ago

As an xbox guy, If porting some exclusives to sony and nintendo allows MS to continue offering gamepass day one, I'm all for it. Port them all if you need to.

Hofstaderman8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Your way of thinking is why Microsoft is where they are. All they had to do was hold the line of the 360 circa 2010. Had the continued with thay strategy they would not have had to introduce gamepass which has spectacularly kneecapped them.

ThinkThink8h ago

@hof, but then they would still be in the same position as sony, fighting for those same 150 million customers. As a publicly traded company, they still need to show growth. Once sony is day and date on PC, they will also need to find new customers, likely by embracing 3rd party. What you consider "kneecapping" I consider an incredible customer value in gamepass.

Ironmike8h ago

Kneecapping the xbox and pc owners are loving it I do t think u telise how popular gamepass is

MrBaskerville7h ago

They were faltering in the last year or two of the 360 era. Don't forget that they doubled down on Kinect, which might be part of the reason why they didn't have much to show going into Xbox One.