Cancelled TimeSplitters 4 Character Concept Art Looks Zany and Awesome

The future prospects of TimeSplitters didn't always look morbid. A fourth game in the series was once in development, first with Radical Design in 2007, and then Crytek UK following a studio rebranding. But development of the fourth title never went anywhere. Like the series as a whole, TimeSplitters 4 just vanished.

Details on the project will likely forever remain a mystery, however, earlier this week a huge collection of character concept art surfaced, offering a glimpse into the game that never was.

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strayanalog205d ago

Zany indeed. I gotta tell ya, the world needs more TimeSplitters. Sadly, from my understanding, the guys couldn't find a publisher thanks to Haze, and although you only get a few images in this article (which also points out more) I think whatever publishers skipped this entry missed out on something special.‎

TylerFischer205d ago

I agree, it's insane to me a TimeSplitters game couldn't find a pub. I bet it could today!

Relientk77205d ago

I wish TimeSplitters was still a thing

UnholyLight205d ago

Timesplitters was such a fun silly game the bros and I would ALWAYS play it. Endless hours of laughs and good times. I can't see why there is no future for Timesplitters....