Bethesda Has Harsh Words For Sony Over PlayStation's Cross-Play

On this week's dumpster fire edition of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and Kyle talk about say Bethesda has harsh words for Sony. Even going far enough to say that games like Elder Scrolls: Legends wont be on PlayStation unless Sony changes their ways on Cross-play and cross-progression. Bethesda, seemingly dropping single player games like Dishonored, for a multiplayer focus. TimeSplitters is hopefully alive again, and in the arms on THQ Nordic. Doom Eternal gets us hyped, yet slightly worried. Lastly, the gang talks about their thoughts on the Latest Red Dead Redemption news!

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jairusmonillas2074d ago

Bethesda has been anti-sony for over a decade. Releasing buggy games, whining over ps3/ps4 versions of their games. They will do anything MS asked them to do. lol

roadkillers2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

I am with Bethesda, why not make cross-play a thing? I understand Sony's stance, but if enough people are against their stance we will get crossplay. It is a shame that I want to play a free game with my friends, but have to pony up hundreds.

Edit: its not just that either, friends like Halo so they got an Xbox, I enjoy steam so i have PC, other guy enjoys Turismo so he got a PS4... One of my buddies has a Switch, but idk if that supports crossplay. Let us play together while your on top Sony, don't wait until you fall again to make huge changes (ps3).

zackeroniii2074d ago

Sony falling? Have you been under a rock? Check the statistics sony and ps4 is at the top of the food chain and I know for a fact it's only the people without a PS4 that's crying about crossplay...I'm not, and neither are other PS4 owners...it's a fake issue created by people who don't own one. A PS4 is cheaper than a PC and Xflop, sooooooo.....

sampsonon2074d ago

the only people against sony are people that made the mistake in buying an xbox.
PS owners could care less.

kayoss2074d ago

Play together? Most of the games you listed are exclusives to their respected console? How are you going to crossplay Gran Turismo with Xbox players??

BLAKHOODe2074d ago

Excellent perspective on the cross-play argument and I can relate. I play Fortnite on PS4 and Xbox One, because I have friends on each console and I like playing with ALL my friends, not just some of them. So I buy 2 BattlePasses every season, doing twice as many challenges just to keep up with my friends.

Of course, people who don't have this problem, who are happy with what friends they have on their system of choice won't care, nor even consider their own situation could change some day and they may end up in a similar situation, which is why it's smart to fight for cross-play NOW while it's a hot subject instead of later.

BLAKHOODe2074d ago


He was pointing out that some of his friends are on one console because of exclusives, while other friends are on another console because of it's exclusives. And that he would have to buy both consoles in order to play with all his friends; particularly in multiplatform games.

DarXyde2074d ago

If enough people were against their stance, sales would have suffered and prompted Sony to react. That has yet to happen, and i think as long as they continue to make great games and offer great content on their consoles, they probably won't ever need to.

I cannot speak for everyone, but i really don't care about cross play. I get why people want it, but it's such a nonissue in my opinion. I had zero expectations of it happening on any platform. It's cool to see it happening, but as I've said in another comments section, I feel it is a feature people will request and rarely use. I also think it's far more complicated for Sony; PS4 shares quite a bit of its library with Xbox One. I'm not sure what kind of demand that much intersectionality will place on the network(s), but I expect that there will be demands and pressure on developers to take advantage of this and maintain server activity. I'm not sure this is rightly feasible, to be honest. I imagine cross play with Switch should be manageable. In that case, Sony can do it, but again, not something i would take advantage of. If you do, more power to you, but like I said, i doubt it'll be as popular as critics may suggest.

My two cents.

jimbost792074d ago

Thats the thing tho mate, enough people arent against it. The vast majority dont know or care about it.
Microsoft charges people to play free games don't they?

Atanasrikard2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )


Read his words carefully. He is talking about his situation. He has friends who have xbox, he has a pc, another friend has PS4 and one of them has a switch. He isn't talking about those games specifically. He is however, talking about being able to play with those friends in other games.


I was against MS last gen when they did it. I am against Sony this gen while they do it. I am more than happy with my purchase of an xbox. I am sorry you are such a fanboy.

Kumakai2074d ago

Because Sony can do no wrong to Kool-aid drinking fanboys.

zombiewombie2074d ago

They do have crossplay. Generally with pc.

AspiringProGenji2074d ago

Yeah Sony. People didn’t support your product but still want the ability to play with Ps4 owners. It is not Sony’s fault your friends pur Halo first than playing with you, or the other way around

BlackTar1872074d ago


So what? Stop with this entitlement crap.

Skull5212074d ago

Well the good news is Sony has strong first party games, they’ll need it as they loose 3rd party support as companies find they can’t offer the experiences and features they want on the PlayStation platform.

UnHoly_One2074d ago

You guys need to realize that this site is so far up Sony's rectum that they can't see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore.

Go ANYWHERE else on the internet and see what other communities have to say about cross play.

Everyone that isn't a blind fanboy wants them to do it.

Silly gameAr2074d ago

@Un-holy one
Can you be more specific in what sites to go to to see people up in arms about cross play, because anywhere else I go , it's mostly a meh on the subject.

And, this site definitely isn't up Sony's butt, but you can keep pretending that thats the case if it helps you sleep at night.

Theknightofnights2074d ago

@Silly gameAR

You really think there isn't a large preference for Sony on this site? We can monitor this pretty easily with just the upvote process.

If one writes a comment "Xbox sucks" or "Nintendo sucks" (or any combination therein) they'll receive a copious amount of agrees (and often more agrees than disagrees) before eventually being flagged.

If one writes a comment "Playstation sucks" it will receive a HUGE amount of disagrees (outnumbers the agrees 10 to 1 easy) before being flagged.

There was an article written by 10th Rider with a few examples of this. Just like Nintendo Everything has a Nintendo bias among it's community, this site has a Sony bias.

PurpHerbison2074d ago

Everything comes full circle. Sony will eventually fall. The new leader will capitalize on their mistakes and get comfortable. While comfortable that new leader will start making mistakes and Sony will slide back in again. Rinse. Repeat.

roadkillers2074d ago

Look at my disagrees and agrees, for a community that is largely behind Sony there are a decent amount of people finding the lack of crossplay an issue. The ratio is above 25%. The other group doesnt care which way, so why not work with us. Customers, literally the 89 who disagreed with me have 0 to lose, but more to gain from crossplay. It just doesn make sense to go against it unless you own Sony stock.

AspiringProGenji2074d ago

Every site you go you find most not caring. You @Unholy keep accusing this site of being pro sony with those nasty words of yours as usual. Why are you still here?

Moreover this game is nothing to be making s big fuss about. Even if Sony allowed it it won’t change nothing, or are people suddenly gonna care like with Minecraft?

neomahi2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

An Xbox fanboy wanting to see the demise of Sony would say this, not a legitimate gamer. It's an attempt to feel better about themself.

scofios2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )


Last gen
2 PS3
3 XBOX360

Next time Check your fact first before posting bullshit.

ThanatosDMC2073d ago

Tell all your friends to buy a PS4. Problem solved.

kingfortoday2073d ago

Where were your tears when Sony was the one asking for cross play lmao

badz1492073d ago


"...they’ll need it as they loose 3rd party support as companies find they can’t offer the experiences and features they want on the PlayStation platform."

LOL wake up, kid! stop dreaming. can you please give us just 1 multiplat game that has sold more copies on the Xbone since they announced they openly support cross-play? just 1! anything? FYI, your internet is not playing or messing with you and your searches because there really is NONE!

and just because MS is desperate to expand their player pool by offering cross-play, all those 3rd parties are gonna skip the platform that is gonna sell their games the most?? LOL who would be so dumb?