PS5 Devkits Leaked Specs, Xbox Lack of Exclusives, BioWare Drama and Bonus Rounds

In this episode we will be discussing the PS5 Devkit Spec Leaks, possible games we will see at launch, what Microsoft has to do next-gen to either win or get even with Sony, great remasters such as Spyro, the drama at Bioware and troubled development of Anthem and Bethesda's 2 new unannounced titles.

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Sam Fisher2261d ago

The way this route is going, is either pc or p5. I hope sony allows pc stuff next gen. But if they stay closed again ill try out pc and when p5 is cheaper ill get that for the exclusives, seems like pc is sounding pretty compared to everything right now. (Id get it for vr,imo of course)

LeeFender2261d ago

We shall see. I am more interested in seeing what MS will do and how they will counter Sony in the future. This is their chance.

wvxc19952261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Yeah, I agree 100% definitely a competition to watch out for

Kingthrash3602261d ago

Been watching for 5 years...done watching.
Only counters MS has done was make their consoles cheaper send make halo, gears and forza. Clearly the same old thing isn't competing.

Ulitharid2261d ago Show
WickedLester2260d ago

Funny because I'm not the least bit interested in what MS does.

InTheZoneAC2260d ago

ms already showed their hand for next gen, it's called the XBX1X

Babadook72260d ago

Forget Polaris. Forget Vega. This thing has Navi! Most powerful console ever. So much for 1X bragging rights.

fr0sty2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Just a thought... Let's say that 11TF with a Ryzen CPU (for a dedicated machine, this is pretty damn powerful) is the target spec. 2018 release sounds insane, right? Well, if they are changing the model up a bit, maybe not as much.

Those specs in a machine released today would cost upwards of $1000, as some others have pointed out. Sony could opt to take a small loss per console sold, subsidizing it knowing software and plus subscription sales will help offset the loss. So, $600-800 for a PS5 launching this year at those specs. That puts it well out of reach of most gamers except the enthusiasts who can afford that sort of thing, so how do they keep it from being a total flop?

One ecosystem. Forwards and backwards compatibility, going across 2 generations. Developers take bigger risks because they don't have to reset the install base every generation, their games work on the last gen console as well, and therefore the wave of crappy launch titles with maybe one or two good ones doesn't happen anymore.

On the technical side, there are a few issues to work out, but it is nothing that developers have not been doing in the PC gaming space for decades, on a much larger scale. If they can make their games work on a host of laptop and desktop devices each with a wide variety of components from a wide variety of manufacturers, they can make a 2 generation cross compatibility, with all hardware being from the same vendors and only 3 target systems to keep in mind, work. Once PS4 hits a certain age (sony has always supported their consoles for 10 years), developers should be free to stop targeting it, and to use PS4 Pro as the new minimum spec platform.

Console gaming is changing, and more frequent updates are likely to become a thing just like the Pro and X have already demonstrated. This may be the new way to go about it. I still think that next year is more likely, but we'll see.

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conanlifts2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

This is the bigger question. MS have certainly under delivered with their games this gen. Even halo and gears have been scarce. Last gen saw 4 new gears games and 3 new halo games, whereas we will be lucky to get 2 of each on Xbox one. As an Xbox fan i hope they turn it around.

ZombieKiller2260d ago

The entire span of the last 2 years has "been their chance" but I don't think it will happen. Sony has ALWAYS been about the games, and if you aren't on board like they are, you're gonna have a bad time. MS had to find this out the hard way, and although they did a 180, it was a bit too late. Plus, Sony hit their stride with the PS4, it's amazing and isn't going to stop at this point. Just look at the exclusive lineup this year ALONE.

Sorry but I'm going with whatever system has the bast games and you would be lying to yourself if you said anything other than Playstation....let's be real.

If not, God of War, Spiderman, TLOU2, Days Gone and a few others say hi. Games so good, that I would pick them over any resolution, any day.

ABizzel12260d ago

Allegedly Sony is making a PlayStation TV, which is a 4K HDTV that has PS4 components built into it.

We'll see if this come to fruition, because it seems very niche, but interesting nonetheless.

joab7772260d ago

I fear that they are so far behind on first party titles that it may hurt them at the launch of next gen too.

xX-oldboy-Xx2259d ago

LeeFender - They've used all their chances, when will people call them out for the crooks they are. NO MORE CHANCES.

Ju2259d ago

There is no way Sony will ever release a console ever again at $600 or above...

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LeeFender2261d ago

Are you excited for the next splinter cell? It might be a cross-gen title might not be, but we shall see!

Sam Fisher2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Omfg yes but only if micheal ironside is voice

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Kyizen2260d ago

I love gaming on PC but prices on GPUs are insane right now and there is no end in sight

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imtiyaz62260d ago

Bitcoin mining is driving up the cost of GPUs.

Nodoze2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Good luck finding a video card! It is nigh on impossible to find a high end card for anywhere near affordable. Cards are going for 1k+. My PC build is stuck in limbo due to the bitcoin craze driving up card prices.

A Geforce 1080 Ti retails typically for 699, now over 1100 (if you can even find one).

Insane and many have commented it is the absolute worst time to buy a video card.

DJStotty2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

found one


or from nvidia themselves - £679


joab7772260d ago

It’s tough not to buy PS5 day one. Their commitment to games is unparalleled right now.

xX-oldboy-Xx2259d ago

@Sam Fisher - I'm gonna sound like an ass but you have no idea. How is Sony closed? Architecture? Crossplay? A console by definition is closed architecture, Sony has crossplay with PC and has a longer history of doing so.

PS5 and any other PS hardware will be cheaper than PC. Unless your happy with a Frankenstein rig that looks like an abomination.

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Ulitharid2261d ago

Very solid discussion guys, that was a great listen! How often do you guys do the podcasts? Are they on a specific schedule?

LeeFender2261d ago

Glad you asked, we do them on Sundays every week, so keep that in mind and thank you =D

Ulitharid2261d ago

Sounds good. I'll be looking forward to it, do you guys know what your next week topics are by any chance, or is it more of a surprise?

LeeFender2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Yes we do have the topics in mind but it usually depends on what happens during that week in terms of industry news or possible leaks/talks (reply to Ulitharid)

ApocalypseShadow2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Interesting discussion but some of the views about things in the game industry are ridiculous in my opinion.

PS5 should have BC but not this forward/backwards compatible nonsense. New machines should allow better physics, animation,particle effects,lighting, A.I. and characters on screen. Limiting it to what the previous console cpu can do hurts game design. Because all you'll get is prettier graphics and not bigger and better games unless it's single player. you see it now with Pro and X. They have more power but can't use it because games have to play the same across all versions of consoles online. Breakaway is good.

MS did play anywhere because they had low sales of software on Xbox compared to what Sony was selling on PS4. It wasn't to be "consumer friendly." They weren't making back their investment. And to sell what MS always tries to sell. Which is windows and always windows.

Asking Sony to release their games on pc is also ridiculous. Exclusives matter for a reason. It's like asking any company to release their products and services on a competing platform. Ask apple why they don't put siri or iTunes on android. Sure, they might get more users. But what is the point of selling exclusive hardware then?

Ask MS why they don't release their games on PS4 and Switch? Isn't that "play anywhere?" What makes pc special that it has to have Sony's titles on it? Because of more power? Now that's arrogance to assume pc deserves Sony and Nintendo's titles on it because it can possibly run the games. But not ask pc gamers to buy a console for its games.

Remasters and remakes. Are they cash runs? Sure. But some never played the originals. And two, maybe the developers wanted to do more with the game but were limited by the hardware at the time. Makes sense?

One of the guys calling Sony arrogant for not playing ball with their competitor with cross play is beyond funny. It's Sony's hardware. 3rd party developers don't have a say in how Sony's runs its business or online network. PS4 already does cross platform play with pc and did it first. 3rd parties don't have to release on PS4. And lose money doing it.

"But but, you should be able to play anywhere with your friends." Again, it's like telling Sony to cut down their hardware sales and PS ecosystem. If it's less a point to buy Xbox if you can play MS games on pc,then it's less a point to buy a PS4 for its exclusives and 3rd party developers who support Sony if you can play anywhere else without buying their hardware. It's like "duh!" Some of the points make no sense. Someone has to make the hardware. But pc doesn't deserve everyone's software. Destroying console gaming and exclusives will hurt the industry and plug and play.