Need for Speed Payback Update Will Add Free Roam And More Tweaks Tomorrow

Need for Speed Payback is an explosive action/adventure driving game filled with intense heist missions, high stakes car battles, epic cop pursuits and jaw dropping set pieces.

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crazychris4124251d ago

Add free roam cops, get rid of that loot box upgrade system and I'll think about buying this.

LordStig251d ago

whoa wait hang on. This open world game didn't have free roam!?

Rammstone251d ago

it always had offline free roam

chris235251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

LOL you guys are cracking me up. "meeeh get that lootbox away or i'll meeeeh" when no one has to use them for money to get ahead in the game. only the skilledless are grabbing them and if you ask me, that's ok. i had a blast with this brilliant driving game during the christmas holidays. Have fun waiting for a game in the future that has got no lootgrabs in them ;.-)

I bet when the game's name will be RDR2 everybody and their mother couldn't care less about lootcrates because western games and rockstar is enough for people to blindly support this oh so hated lootcrate and MT system all of a sudden.

Oh, the hypocrits. Never cease to amaze me.

UltraNova251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

I disagreed with you because if R* adds pretatory MTs in RDR2 I will not give them a single cent. Used all the way.

See people, physical aint that bad afterall...

steven83r251d ago

It's not about loot boxes. It's more about the fact that you can't hook up your ride without spinning for parts. It takes way to long to get speed cards unless you farm. And then you waste your cards spinning for parts. You can spend about 40 speed cards going from level 6 to 10 and now have to go back and farm for over 3 hours to get the car to max. I beat the game, have over 3 million and would like to buy more cars and max them out like before. But everytime you buy a new car you have to get cards to hook it up.

Poobz251d ago

Just check out the EasyAllies review on YouTube to know all you want to know about why you may want to miss this even with the update.