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A dynamic duo from Uncharted's rich cast of colorful characters proves there's life after Nathan Drake.

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Knushwood Butt2227d ago

Japan gets it in September..

Patience is a virtue.

Genuine-User2227d ago

That's a shame. Is importing an option for you?

corroios2227d ago

Another huge hit in the summer for PS players.

Gardenia2227d ago

I don't believe in reviews that have nothing bad to say about a game. There are always some things that could be better or are done wrong


Naughty Dog Is Right To Leave Uncharted Behind

Naughty Dog is changing. It’s about time, but part of fans will miss what the studio has become over the past fifteen years as a pioneer of cinematic blockbusters lined with prestige storytelling that the entire medium now tries to emulate. It changed everything. But now, it is both leaving Uncharted behind and has no plans for The Last of Us Part 3 unless the narrative it aims to deliver is absolutely necessary.

This is the right move, and the selfless one from a studio that could have milked both these properties until there was nothing left.

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jznrpg234d ago

Yep . Another studio can make it if needed . If Sony wants to do it or not who knows ?

Cikatriz_ESP234d ago

Uncharted 4 is by far the worst in the series, but I fear Naughty Dog is incapable of redeeming the franchise with another entry. Amy Hennig is gone and Neil Druckmann has more than proven he's not a storyteller.

Kassanova07234d ago

A classic series for the ages.

234d ago

Best Games Set in India

India is a culturally rich and beautiful land which is a perfect setting for a video game. Here are some of the best games set in India.

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UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy Gameplay Ultra 4K - RTX 4090 Looks Fantastic

CG writes: Naughty Dog released Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in 2017 for PS4 as a spin-off title from the Uncharted series where A Thief’s End released in the previous year. Since then, so much has changed within SONY’s exclusive games policy where now they release them for PC gamers as well, albeit several years later. With the arrival of the PS5, the Uncharted games (A Thief’s End and The Lost Legacy) received some touching-up when it released recently. It also released concurrently for PC also as part of a double package entitled, UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection. Compared to the PS4 original (which already looked pretty fantastic on the PS4 Pro), the game shines in native 4K ultra settings on PC. Increased details, improved lighting, and a solid 60 fps give the game a clean look where the PS4 Pro version would only upscale and run at around 30 fps. Take a look at our opening moments UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy gameplay video using the following rig.

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phoenixwing334d ago

Woah dude really? Totally expected it to look like crap on the bleeding edge graphics card. /s

Flewid638333d ago

Poorly optimized games come out all the time.

Good-Smurf332d ago

Richard from Digital Foundry can't make Gotham Knights stay at 60 fps max settings with his i9-12900H with RTX 4090 rig.
That's another one poorly optimized mess.

Blaze929333d ago

Looks just like it did on my PS4

lonewolf10333d ago

Looks way above my PS4 version in terms of resolution and models/graphics, but still lacking in some PC bells and whistles.

ChubbyBlade333d ago

It ran at 4k 60 on your ps4? Damn. Where did you get that thing?

Flewid638333d ago

Resolution vs Graphics my guy. Besides, the PS4 Pro version did mostly hit 60fps.

Flewid638333d ago

That's because the only difference between last gen and this gen is the framerate.

philm87333d ago

Very similar to the PS5 version. I don't think you need anywhere near an RTX 4090 to max this out do you?

lonewolf10333d ago

Nope, only benefit will be higher frame rates/no upscaling with that card.

Good-Smurf333d ago

I mean its a $1600 GPU duh this is way overkill for enhanced PS4 games.
Maybe try run something like CP2077 at max RT settings 8k 120 fps instead.

onisama333d ago

PC is the best gaming platform if you have the money...i mainly game on xbox series X but i play PS games on PC and also i love to play multiplayer FPS games on PC with my RTX 2060 is start getting old but can handle any game +60 fps/1440p and im planing to get a rtx 4070 after a year as the DLSS 3 seem to boost the performance so much

Good-Smurf332d ago

I'm looking to buy an RTX 3070 gaming laptop do you know which one that have good GPU TDP and overall good temps and cooling?