The untold making of Uncharted's epic finale: from panic attacks to blockbuster triumph

From GQ Magazine: "Shaun Escayg has said the word ‘terrifying’ five times in the last 30 minutes. He’s recounting his time as lead animator on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. While Naughty Dog’s best-known series redefined what easygoing blockbuster games could be, Uncharted 4’s creation was nothing short of nightmarish. The game, which would go on to sell a record 16 million copies, suffered from a particularly messy inception. Intense pressure, tight turnarounds, and the mid-development departure of long-time Uncharted creative director, Amy Hennig. The game was restarted."

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sourOG115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

See, the lead animator had nothing to be scared of. Uncharted 4’s animations made me verbally say wow, I was blown. This dude did a fantastic job,

I would not call U4s ending epic. Some parts were great, everything with Elaine is great. They are so far apart though. The in between was drawn out and boring imo. Lost legacy did those characters better. UC4 is easily my least favorite uncharted. I’m not hating on it’s success and the work that went into it. This guy deserves major praise. But uncharted 4 is still shit compared to the rest imo.


I agree that Lost Legacy is superior to UC4 in quite frankly every area, but I think Uncharted 3 is the worst Uncharted. I barely remember the plot of that one lol.

sourOG114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

It’s close between UC3 and 4 for me lol. The kid drake section in uncharted 3 was hella boring but everything else was ok. Uc4 was like kid drake section: the game.

So I figure 1 section boring in UC3 vs 1 section good in UC4 makes UC3 the better game. Aside from the technical aspects like animations which obviously blows it out of the water. UC4 is also the only uncharted I’ve ever played once and never wanted to play again lol.

generic-user-name114d ago

A pirate sword fight in a burning galleon is pretty epic, but to me, the best part of U4's ending was just the way it wrapped the narrative up, I was very satisfied with how U4 left Drake, Elena and Sully.


sourOG114d ago

The pirate ship segment with Elaine was epic I agree. Easily the best part.


I don't think UC4's ending was "bad", but it was too safe IMO.
Someone dying (Drake, Elena, Sam, or Sully) would have added an extra emotional layer to the finale.

The subtitle is a "A Thief's End", which pretty much implies Drake dying or giving up his life as a treasure hunter.