New Star Ocean 4 HQ Pictures

New pictures of Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope in high quality.

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B-Rein4436d ago

Yeh this game looks very nice, like the visuals looks promising.
only star ocean game i've played was Star Ocean 2; Till The End Of Time and that was pretty good. I see this game has simlar style of graphics pretty kool

Perjoss4436d ago

I really hope this is good, I thought Undiscovery was a pile of cack, so I'm still waiting for a good RPG since the almighy Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey.

xhairs94435d ago

Looks good but my only question is, what about the backgrounds?

It seems all these games now are filled with nice HD up close but the backgrounds are all blurred now, where's the full experience?

WikusVanDeMerwe4435d ago

Have to admit even though the backgrounds are in most if not all cases blurry but there is no denying that those are some really really good looking screens maybe even the best yet from any game but that is my opinion.

xhairs94434d ago

They are good, but I wouldn't go that far.

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fufotrufo4436d ago

I was blown away when i saw them! I wasn't expecting much from this game and now I'm really really impressed..

The Makr4436d ago

and the screenshots just have me looking forward to it even more!

Julie4436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

Beautifull screens , and they are keeping SO style , i love it , where i will find time to play all these games?!!!! :0

Thx to share them :=)

CloudsEnd4436d ago

Too bad the most of the Xbox Owners are not going to buy this game, because they dont like that stuff.
Yeah, its not a lie that the most of the Xbox Owners are brainless Shooter-Freaks.
Dont disagree with me, everyone of you knows it.
I only bought my Xbox 360 for one sole reason, the J-RPGs.

GUNS N SWORDS4436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

360 has more of a selection of RPGs than wii or ps3 (not trying to be a hater on either console) and those games did hit good sales marks.

i'm a fan of both RPGs and JRPGs, and judging by these pics, this game will sell pretty well, just like tales of vesperia.

edit, (btw i did not click disagree.)

CloudsEnd4436d ago

Yeah, its allright, but still, you may like RPG/JRPG too, but dont say others do so too, i mean, look at the Halo 3 Sales, i mean, thats just a plain shooter and sold that much.
Sure the Xbox 360 has more RPGs than the PS3 or the Wii, thats the reason i bought one, but still the Xbox Fanbase is made of Halo-Lover.

GUNS N SWORDS4436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

but, "HALO" soled well because it's was an anticipated title, now gears and fable have become as well, and their not even of the same genre, same thing with mass effect.

edit, (in other words, it doesn't necessarily have to be a shooter to be an anticipated title, that goes for all consoles)

lowcarb4436d ago

Many 360 owners play love rpgs and grew up playing them. Just because Sony had them on lock last gen doesn't mean we don't like JRPG's. That's a stereotype and I bet these games sell really well regardless of the image some people have on 360.

CloudsEnd4436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

Im just telling what i see with the Sales of some games.
And really, i dont like see it that Games like Infinite Undiscovery, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon or Tales Of Vesperia doesnt sell well on Western Terretory, just because Microsoft thinks they dont need to make much PR about those titles.
You are completely right, Games like Mass Effect, Bioshock, Gears Of War and Fable were selling fantastic, because they had a good PR.
But Microsoft just uses the JRPG for Japan, they may release them here in EU and over there in America, but they dont show how great they are.
Okay, there were some Inet-Advertisiment. But that just happened after a bit before it got released.
They need to make up a hype about those games, especially Star Ocean 4!
The same thing goes to Sony, they should advertise their titles more and more!
Like i said, i dont like to see good games getting low sales, just because there were no PR. :/

Those who know what is good, dont need PR on Games, they buy it. But still there are people who're going with the Advertisiment.
If Star Ocean 4 gets a nice PR it will sell like the double amount like it would without PR.

Just 5 Months then we going to get this Masterpiece... I hope its going to be not so short! Want atleast 50h Gameplay.

ceedubya94436d ago

How can you expect every single RPG that comes out to sell in the millions? The fact that these games don't sell a lot doesn't have anything to do with the console its on. JRPGs are a niche market. They generally don't sell extremely well.

After Final Fantasy, and maybe Dragon Quest, the list of top selling RPGs falls off sharply.

Don't generalize the whole 360 gamer base like that. Its just flat out wrong. A lot of 360 owners are multiconsole owners and have had PS2s, PS1s, and SNES and such well before this. And they are no strangers to this genre.

PS360PCROCKS4436d ago

I agree only on my end, I'm more of a standard american gamer. I have tried to expand myself and really enjoyed fable 1, and mass effect but their very western anyways so who knows.

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Gaystation 34436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

Microsoft wins the Tokyo Game show!

TheColbertinator4436d ago

This game looks very good.I have been a fan of Star Ocean for years since the PS1 days.First day buy for me.

zimbo0074435d ago


and MS

a console like x360 doesnt even exist in Japan.
lol BOTS

win TGS after seeling like just 670k consoles in 3 years

Those screens look just like IU

we have WKS --1080p and better looking and playing than all mega flop RPGS on x360

nieto24435d ago

are you forgetting about White Knight Chronicles? besides i want one of those pink PS3's!

PSK224435d ago

We will wait and see but Microsoft has not win until it actually happens. This is just one game. So may the best man wins. I'm supporting PS3

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Nathaniel_Drake4436d ago

Although I am a PS3 only owner, I have SO3 for the PS2 and the story is horrible and the gameplay mechanics are just as bad, so some advice to 360 owners is to wait for the review and take the respectable review sites somewhat seriously

robotnik4436d ago

I can confirm this, SO3 was pretty bad, long ass cutscenes, annoying characters, (Peppita Rosetti WTF?), and the story was just retarded.

The battle system was OK, but hitting the enemies was a bit hard.

But Im pretty sure that they will fix all that crap, but still... I think this will be a 8/10 game...

Final_Rpg4436d ago

I disliked "Star Ocean till the end of time" on ps2, the pre-puberty voice dubs, the mediocre story and the weird battle system. But this game looks damn gorgeous... If I had a 360 I'd buy it for the visuals lol.

nieto24435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

the first and second SO were really good, only the third was crap...