It's 2017 and Crackdown 3 is stuck in 2007

Crackdown 2 launched in the summer of 2010 and it was largely the same game that its predecessor was in 2007. The setting was the same, the gameplay was the same -- it mostly just added zombies in a weak attempt at variation.

Seven years later and not much has changed. Crackdown 3 is Crackdown 2 is Crackdown 1. Any one of them is perfectly representative of the others. A decade later and not much has changed.

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TheRealTedCruz1149d ago

Half of my favorite games are more than a decade old.
Just saying.

AspiringProGenji1149d ago

What a great excuse for 2017 S/

TheRealTedCruz1148d ago

Excuse for what?
Pillars of Eternity was my favorite game of that year, and it's a throwback to late-90s crpgs.

Besides, I game on PC and have no intent on getting any of the consoles, outside of switch, for at least a few years. I could care less are Microsoft chooses to handle their exclusives.

Gazondaily1148d ago

Not really good enough tbh. It's the reason why I was also excited for the cloud tech to accentuate a lot of the gameplay elements.

What I have seen so far of the single player has been pretty tame tbh. Its hardly going to set the world on fire. The MP is what I'm looking forward to; particularly the tech. God I hope that works!

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thekhurg1148d ago

Looks like a 360 game too.

beans1148d ago

I'm so looking forward to this game. An upgrading super cop with upgrading vehicles and weapons taking on all types of organized crime. Orbs way out of reach on tall skyscrapers that give you the chills having to climb and not wanting to jump down because you're afraid of heights. I'm not digging the visuals just yet but improvements are still possible and this is the way Crackdown looks . The destruction alone will be impressivie and those visuals looked great 2 years ago. Crackdown is getting lots of hate but honestly i wouldn't listen to any of it. This will be an experience i hope to enjoy even more so than the 1st since apparently a lot more work is going into it.

andrewsquall1148d ago

@Woolly_ But did Uncharted 4 look like Uncharted Drake's Fortune, only in 1080p, eight and a half years later? Exactly. ALL games should have great gameplay and we assume this will too, who is arguing that? But then why not just play other 360 games instead then?

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Crackdown was a game I never played on 360... I had no interest in playing it ever! One day it came out with Games for gold back before the X1 launched, A buddy of mine downloaded it and it said it was a blast, so I went ahead and used my precious HDD space and downloaded it. We must have played (co-op) for 4 hours taking down kingpins and collecting orbs galore when I stopped and realize what a FUN time I was having with a Video game that felt like... well, A video game! I was so caught up in realism, graphics, physics, etc. with games like BF3, Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, etc. That I forgot that none of that really mattered when video game is FUN, Crackdown was everything but a letdown for how simplistic it was, We beat the game and collected 100% of all of the orbs in about a week and it was one of the best "Co-op" experiences I have personally ever had! :)

Trekster_Gamer1148d ago

Just saying the game looks dated and boring... The cancelled Scalebound but keep paying for this rubbish?

Dark_Knightmare21148d ago

Are your arms tired from all that reaching

TheRealTedCruz1148d ago

Sorry man ..
You're just way too edgy for me.

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343_Guilty_Spark1148d ago

What would have made the game better? A bow and arrow, zombies?

Omnislashver361148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I dunno, a trailer for teh cloud's destruction? Graphics like the initial reveal videos instead of PS360 graphics like it has now?

343_Guilty_Spark1148d ago

They have already demoed that

Whatever2341148d ago

U r not going to have that initial video destruction what so ever .Common guys stop being so gullible .

Gazondaily1148d ago

Mediocre visuals didn't stop Nioh from being a good game. The cloud tech is reserved for the MP. You'll see it soon enough. See Eurogamers latest piece.

Kingthrash3601148d ago

What's nioh gotta do with this game? Nioh 60fps....4tf
Crackdown 30fps.....6tf
Nioh graphically better than this and also runs in 4k as well.
I think salt got in your eyes.

343_Guilty_Spark1148d ago


Nioh isn't 4k/60 on the Pro.

"It's in the resolution that things get a little more complicated. On PS4 Pro, Action Mode means a variable resolution, ranging from 1080p to 720p. Movie Mode means a resolution that gets as high as 2160p and as low as 1440p, while Variable Mode drops to 2304x1296.

With the standard PS4, Action Mode mostly means a resolution of 720p, with "regular" jumps as high as 1728x972, says the report. Movie Mode is a steady 1080p, while Variable Mode on PS4 was not mentioned in the report."

Dirtnapstor1148d ago

Nioh mediocre looking?! Shame on you!
I'll admit, the prologue escaping the castle looked pretty drab, character models etc. But once you've landed in Japan and begin the adventure there...everything looks fantastic. It was as if they tacked on that prologue last miniute imo.

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BiggerBoss1148d ago

The game looks like garbage. It's inexcusable for a 2017 first party exclusive to look that bad.

Dark_Knightmare21148d ago

Why would a bow and arrow or zombies make it better what an odd choice of things for you to bring up. Oh I get it it was a subtle dig at horizon zero dawn and tlou/days gone which I'm sure ms would love for this to sell millions and score super high on metacritic like horizon and tlou did

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gangsta_red1148d ago

The new Doom was a great throw back so I don't see the problem with Crackdown doing the same.

It's not like we have had a ton of Crackdown games that milked the formula to death.

fenome1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

At least the new doom looked modern though, cel shaded games don't have to look like old tech. Hell, Borderlands 2 looked better than what they showed of this.

I played the shit out of Crackdown at my friend's house back in the day and we had a blast. It was hella fun, so I was actually hoping they were really going to show something cool at E3. I mean they were really bigging it up at the conferences the past couple years and this time they showed Terry Cruise screaming more than actual gameplay.

It just seemed like after this long they would have shown someone with a controller in their hand playing it live for like 5 or 10 minutes. I don't even care about the cloud destruction or whatever, I just wanted to see if it looked fun like the old ones.

madforaday1148d ago

That was exactly my thought and that trailer they showed us was just explosions with the same game play. If they wanted to show us SP why not show us one mission like how Sony did for Days Gone and Spider-man.

GrubsterBeater1148d ago


And those explosions looked horrendous. Every time I saw an explosion in the trailer, I was in shock and how bad the graphics really were.

I kept saying in my head "This is it?! This is the game that has been hyped for years?! This?!"

gangsta_red1148d ago

From the little they showed it wasn't a graphic showcase but then again the new Doom doesn't have open world, multiplayer co op that has player(s) jumping across the whole map and things of that nature.

So far most of the reviews have said it's fun and if it's anything like the first Crackdown then it's going to be great.

fenome1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


Fair enough.

I was just hoping they were going to show more of the single player and how you gain abilities and just messing around in the city. What they showed were tiny little segments all slapped together really fast. It was chaotic but not in a good way, if you get what I'm trying to say. Everything just happened so fast it was hard to tell what was going on.


I'm not criticizing the game by saying that either, I just didn't like how they clipped everything together for the trailer. It just seems like they could have represented it better.

gangsta_red1147d ago

Oh no, I'm with you on showing more. I already stated that after E3. I was very disappointed that they didn't have a longer trailer or devoted more time to the game like they did Sea or State 2.

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JackBNimble1148d ago

Baggers can't be choosers right?

gangsta_red1148d ago

Yes they can, I usually have a choice between paper or plastic.

Allsystemgamer1148d ago

DOOM was a throwback yea but it also added a ton of content and modernized the gameplay while staying true to the originals. It felt natural.

This. Looks...kinda boring.

gangsta_red1147d ago

Well how do we know Crackdown isn't throwing in a ton of content or modernizing the gameplay especially when none of us has played it?

Kind of too early to be saying this all now right?

UCForce1147d ago

The new Doom was great but it's also have upgrade engine to look modern and redefined the gameplay without changing the game way too much. I can't say the same thing about CrackDown 3.

gangsta_red1147d ago

You can't say the same thing? Is it because you haven't played Crackdown 3 that why you can't say same thing?

Exactly how did Doom redefine the gameplay by the way?

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corroios1148d ago

The cloud! Wait for e3!The tech is out of this world, just more pr or lies