Need for Speed Payback is Burnout meets Fast and Furious, and that makes perfect sense

EA Play gameplay footage was very familiar to fans of Criterion's beloved series.

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_LarZen_2600d ago

Been decades since I played a Need for Speed game. I'm not especially interested in car games but this I think looks cool.

r3f1cul2600d ago

they already tried the burnout NFS games ... people didnt really like them so why try again? NFS is lost and shows no signs of ever being the same again ... what a shame

Jaypi032600d ago

I'd argue that it's really always been the same. A arcade racing game bordering on simulation, even in the PS1 era they had the racer vs cops gameplay, same with Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted, Rivals, and more. Now they seem to be taking it in a new direction which isn't too bad considering there's only so much you can do in the racing genre.

ironcrow23862600d ago

Definitely one of the few highlights from a typically boring EA conference

MaximusPrime_2600d ago

"Burnout meets fast and furious"? No thanks

Jaypi032600d ago

Any Burnout is a good thing, it's not like racing games are exactly known for their stories anyway.

XbladeTeddy2600d ago

Need for Speed isn't Need for Speed then. Why don't they just make a spin-off franchise...

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